Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven. But a successful marriage is that you make your spouse feel like they are in heaven. Marriage takes a lot of promises and commitments. Many Divorce cases are reported when the heart and promises break. Bollywood has been a place for many people who have found their heart and have had their knots tied. Bollywood marriages are more sensational across the globe. Bollywood stars have come across religious and other boundaries to make their But there are few Love Marriages in Bollywood That Ended with a Divorce. Continue reading “Bollywood Love Marriages That Ended In Divorce”

Top 5 Bollywood Relationships That are In Talks These Days

Bollywood is a great place for so many happenings. The most happening Bollywood has been a starter to Best Bollywood Relationships. Few relationships end up tying a knot while few other just go off and part as good friends. Even in some cases the relationship turn up sour exchanging slipped words. By all means Bollywood never fails to entertain the media and the fan clubs. These are just few Bollywood relationships that are in talks. Continue reading “Top 5 Bollywood Relationships That are In Talks These Days”