Best Natural Home Remedies for Skin Pigmentation

Skin’s appearance is the biggest cause of concern for any women. Any impact or damage to the skin could cause skin pigmentation. In the process of skin pigmentation is change in skin tone and color which occurs due to overexposure to sun, acne scars or simply due to old age. The confidence of any women is determined due to 3 main factors i.e. weight, skin conditions and skin tone. So if your skin is healthy, it will increase your self confidence while you work in office or go in parties. Continue reading “Best Natural Home Remedies for Skin Pigmentation”

How to choose Eye Shadow Color Combinations

Eyes are the most mesmerizing part of a person’s enticing face. The sparkle and stare of eyes can either win a situation or simple doom the ambience.. A wide range of eye embellishing products are available in the market but the trick lies in how to choose eye shadow color combinations that will leave you with amazing charming eyes. Eye shadows are the blazing products that give your eyes a ravishing look and extremely alluring appearance with its robust and radiant shades. Continue reading “How to choose Eye Shadow Color Combinations”

How to apply Mascara as Eyeliner Perfectly

Our eyes epitomize mesmerizing beauty that charms everyone at the very first sight. We all are blessed with gorgeous eyes which unwraps many tales and awes everyone with its blink and stares. A pinch of mascara and eyeliner can make a perfect combination that gives you highly enticing eyes. The icing on the cake lies when you are acquainted with the best tips to use mascara. Mascara can also be used an eyeliner that gives your eyes a wonderful shape. The proper application of the mascara tip as an eyeliner makes your eyes look even more twinkling and graceful. It enhances the eye makeup in an elegant way. Continue reading “How to apply Mascara as Eyeliner Perfectly”