Skipping Schools Leading to Wrong Activities among the Teenagers

Peers are one of the fantastic blessings for any teenager. But the peers need to be really good at values and should not drag teens to the bad side. Why not to bunk school? This is the normal mind set and the question that any teenager thinks of. It’s quite acceptable when a teen in college try to bunk classes but if this starts out happening in the high school, it’s a threat. Parents keep monitoring their kids but in few instances, even parents miss out to monitor the way. It’s of no use to monitor your kids after they start falling on issues and problems. Even sometimes, skipping school also leads to unsafe sex among teen girls which is very perilous for teenagers as well as for society too.

Bad impact on teenagers of bunking school

Affects academic progress

There are a lot of peer pressures for teenagers to bunk classes. Though there are a number of CBSE schools in Delhi and India as well, but statistics have proven that bunking schools makes teenagers indulge in wrong activities. They start developing bad habits which takes them drastically down. Teenagers perform badly in their academics. There won’t be any progress in studies as they tend to hang out with friends in their quality time. There is a span in students’ life where it is mandatory to take life and studies seriously and becomes too crucial. This is when they have to face their board exams. When there is a drastic dip in academic progress, the further education and subsequent career path is affected.

Stops bonding with parents

The worst part of it is that when they try practicing truancy i.e., trying to bunk classes without the knowledge of parents, they develop a gap with their parents. By this way, there is a lot of bad impact of bunking schools on students. The parents lose access to their kids. The new gen teens have working parents who actually put a lot of efforts to give their kids the best. Parents who are the living Gods sacrifice a lot for the sake of their kids. It is definitely the responsibility of the parents to make their kids understand the values and the effects of going around peers who teach them bad culture. But the kids can also be equally responsive and take every little thing to their parents.

Threat to morale of life

Is skipping school leads to unsafe sex among teenagers? The real scenario happening round the society is that the teenagers getting exploited after bunking school. This is made very clear from the way students’ personal life is being affected and when they earn a bad name in their moral and values, life is hell and they have to face a bad future. Sometimes, they indulge in a very bad society and become drug addict. Some teenagers skip school likelier to have unprotected sex. There are a lot of suicide cases reported each year by teenagers. This is the direct impact of Teenagers indulging themselves in bad activities after skipping schools.

Final Say

Is bunking school safe for teenagers? Debating more on this question, it is definitely not ethically good and safe for teenagers getting exploited after bunking school. It is just a silver line to say no to the other peers who force you to get you in their way. There could be pressures from few peers but by adopting real strategies, teenagers can overcome this very well.