Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners

Most of us adore nail art designs and patterns. It ranges from an array of colors to different sleek deigns and captivating strokes. Nail art and designs seem complex and difficult and hence it brings in a fear before we begin with the process. However it is quite an easy art and requires little practice in the beginning. We keep wondering on how to do simple nail art designs that shall give a gorgeous look to our nails. Here are some ideas on simple nail art designs at home for beginners that works on both short and long nails and decorates it with different styles. Want to date or impress your boy in college, then try these nail art designs, it will surely impress your guy. They are easy and simple and hence encourage anyone to start with.

Different Nail Art Designs

The different and versatile designs of nail art include some simple strokes and colors to ravishing vibrant shades and amalgamation of various shades. However simple nail art designs at home for beginners mainly focuses with an easy and encouraging start as mentioned below. These are the step by step initial progress to get an attractive nail art on beautiful long and short nails.

Alternate Colors and Polishes

Simple or bright, dark or plain, vibrant colors like purple, yellow, orange or even black applied on alternate nails looks amazing if you are out in a casual denim outfit. These alternate shades of nail paint on each finger with different color are sure to grab attention and are hence regarded as an easy nail art designs for beginners step by step. You simply have to apply the coating of nail paint and require no effort at all. No wonder it is an extremely start.

Simple Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners

Effect Polishes

There are a wide number of nail polishes available in the market that certain effects like color changing nail paints, magnetic effect or even the much captivating crackling effect. Just grab the easy effect nail paint and paint a coat on your beautiful nails. It is an easy nail art design for short nails that does not demand any effort but can be done quickly. These nail art designs is one of the best tips to impress or date a boy in college, schools or tuitions.

Polka Dot Nails

Now here is one nail art for special occasions that gives your nail a ravishing look. You can wear this nail coat anytime and it makes a spectacular display. You can simply paint your nail with a dark or bright color like Black, red, Purple, or even dark pink and take a toothpick. Dip the toothpick on a contrast light color like White, yellow, orange etc. and put polka dots on the bright shades after it has dried off. It is a freehand nail art design for beginners and there some simple art deigns videos and tutorials on these polka dots available on the internet. You can also try heart or other geometrical shapes with toothpick and give them a spectacular look.

Braided Nails

Braided nails looks easy but it requires a little patience. Hence if you are now well-versed with the initial simple nail art designs at home for beginners then braided nails’ designs is the next step. All you have to do is choose three different colors which are contrast and overlapping makes them look gorgeous. Apply the color of one coat completely on your nails and wait until it dries off. Then in braided pattern apply the other contrast coat and wait for it to dry. Lastly apply the third coat and complete your braided nails. The layers look amazing and are great yet simple nail art designs for beginners for long nails. Just hold a little patience and give it amazing three coats.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match is one of the trendiest and coolest nail art designs that is a part of current vogue. You have to match the nail paint of a finger of one hand with that of the other. You can start with alternate colors and also try different polka dots on alternate nails but match it with the other hand finger nails. This is among the top 5 coolest and simplest nail art designs for beginners at home. Pink nail paint with black sleek lines also makes a grand look.