Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

People break up for good reasons.  Usually it signifies that the two of you were not meant to be together, not long term anyway.  Other times, it is a mistake and the best possible outcome would be reunification.  Unfortunately men aren’t just scared of rejection but also hate to damage their fragile male egos.

For these reasons men, it’s best to wait until you can recognize signs your ex girlfriend wants you back before picking up the phone and calling her.

6 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

You See Her Everywhere You Go

Well this one is obvious.  If she appears every time you turn your head, you’re probably being followed.  Or she’s a major stalker.  Either way, if you keep just bumping into her, it’s probably for a good reason…she’s just as stuck on you as you are to her.  No need to proceed with caution, plunge right in and have no fear.  Pick up the phone and call her.

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She Still Calls You

If your ex is still calling you on the phone, she’s totally into you.  She’s not calling because she can’t stand you, she’s calling because she’s missing you too.  Rest assured if she’s calling and not cussing you out, you’ve got it made.  She’s basically putty in your hand.

She Sends You Text Messages

If your ex is still texting you, you can pretty much assume interest on her part.  She’s letting you know just how much you mean to her.  Twenty times a day.  Isn’t love grand?    

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She Starts Seeing Your Best Friend

Now guys, this can be a tough one.  If your ex is suddenly seeing one of your closest friends, chances are she really just wants to make you jealous, or to get back at you for some previous wrongdoing.  In either case, she still cares about what you think and cares enough to try and hurt you.  The girl has got the hots for you either way you look at it.  So are you going to just stand there or are you going to go take back what is rightfully yours?

You keep Getting Prank Calls

So your phone rings only to find out that every time you say hello, the person on the other end hangs up, without saying a word.  If you start to get a lot of calls like these, it’s undoubtedly your ex.  Just calling to hear your voice before she hangs up, or trying to work up the courage to say something.

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She Tells You

As men, we like to ignore the obvious sometimes.  Sometimes even when it’s shoved in our face, we still don’t see.  If your ex tells you she misses you and wants to get back together, that’s your sure fire sign your ex wants to get back together.

Women aren’t that much of a mystery, guys.  If you just pay attention and look beyond the obvious, you will be able to identify the signs your ex wants you back.

Sometimes it will be obvious but other times obscured, so just be sure to always be aware.  Always look for clues and subtle hints.

Things aren’t always what they appear to be and if you’re smart you’ll be able to decipher the real meaning behind her behavior.  Women aren’t as complex as may think.  If she’s still contacting you at all, she still has feelings for you, no doubt about it.

So men, stand tall and be brave.  Go out on a limb and call her.  Pick up the phone and tell her how much you miss her and want her back in your life. You’ll be glad you did!

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