Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School

Before we actually jump to the topic let’s get few things clear in our head. One, what is sex education? Sex education basically is imparting basic knowledge about sex. This is a crucial step to be taken in order to educate the young ones to be healthy, safe and responsible. Two, who should be given, sex education? Sex education is not a regular impart of education. Thus, it is important for everybody to be well educated about the subject. However, the priority basis impart of knowledge must be given to Teenagers.  Now the third and the most important question is should sex education be a part of school curriculum or should there be any form of sex education in school?

Before that I would like to tell you, why sex education is important? Teenagers are the most vulnerable group. They have the maximum sex drive. Moreover, the teenagers of today are going to be responsible citizens of the country tomorrow. Often they are confused about the physical and psychological changes taking place in the body. To resolve these confusions they take aid from friends, internet, porn, etc. These sources are not completely able to satiate the degree of knowledge they actually require. Thus, the teenagers go haywire and end up getting into problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, abortions, sexual abuse, etc. To avoid all this, one thing is certain that sex education is important. Now, the question is why is there a need for sex education in school?

Fact of Life

Sex is a fact of life and schools have taken up the role to impart factual education to the kids. Thus, it is important for them to educate the young ones about it. However, the curriculum must be designed on the basis of the age and mental and physical growth of child. The review of knowledge imparted must be appropriate in such a way that the child gets only that much information that is fit for him to grasp at that age. This review must be done by an expert or a psychologist. The trend and growth is all dependent on the environment or the country one belongs to. The growth of the child in West is invariably faster than the growth of the child in the east.

Parents are fearful

Why parents avoid talking about sex to their children? You know ever since we are kids we create a strange wall of morals, ethics and differences with our parents. This wall begins to get taller and deeper with every passing year. The intensity of the wall is also dependent on the upbringing of BOTH the parent and the child. If the parents were brought up in a modern way their outlook would be modern and they will pass on that to their kids. However, if the parents come from orthodox families the education imparted would be same. Parents are fearful. They fear that if the kids know about sex they would go on to practice it.

This is why parents hesitate to give sex education to kids. However, what they forget is that the media, the internet, the newspapers, magazines, porn movies, etc are present today to give half baked information to the kids. This, half baked information doesn’t clarify the doubts but rather invoke a curiosity to know further about it which is why the children today take wrong steps to satiate the curiosity. However, if the parents would have imparted the sex education the curiosity would be chopped at the grass root level itself.

Importance of Sex Education for Children

Thus, parents must understand sex education prevents children to take wrong step. Also, there is section of group (of parents) that argue that sex education must not be given at all since the same was not imparted in THEIR TIME. It is important for them to understand that the generation, growth and circumstances of the children have changed too. The children today have better access to internet which they readily use to unveil the mysteries.

Parents themselves are not informed

A large section of the parents themselves do not have adequate information about the subject. Thus, they fail to deliver the requisite information. There comes the role of school. Schools today have a psychologist and a doctor capable of solving every query, doubt and problem. Every parent cannot take the child to a psychologist. Moreover, in schools children do not have a problem raising questions in front of the psychologist because they make sure that an anonymity is maintained so this saves the kids from any embarrassment build up.

Final words

Sex education is a growing need and it is required that both schools and parents should take their share of effort and time to educate the kids today. See, if we live in the constant denial that kids today are not having sex then it is we who are complete fools. Talk to school teachers and administrators or just conduct a random anonymity based survey among teenagers and you’ll know kids as young as 13 years of age are involved in some or the other type of sexual activity. This activity of early sex in teenagers is common in every country today.

Kids today engage into oral sex and come up with a firm belief that this just doesn’t count as a sexual activity and hence wouldn’t require protection. Now, had they been educated about it they would know that even an oral sexual activity can have a life altering impact on body. We cannot stop a boy getting into a relationship with a girl or vice versa. But, we can educate these girls and boys that before taking the relationship to another level they must know the pros and cons of such a decision.

Besides this, there are several questions related to hormones, protections, attractions such as reasons girls are attracted to older men or reasons boys are attracted to married women, lust, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, homosexuality, etc that children won’t really get an answer to on internet. Even if the information is available it would be half baked. And as they say, little knowledge is dangerous; therefore, it is necessary to educate the kids about sex education either in school or by parents.