Sharing Social network Password with Spouse

The technology brings us a lot of happiness and comfort in our lives. It needs to be also known and understood that it has its own disadvantages too. Technology impacts our life a lot. It is a great pleasure to share our happening with someone very special in our life living across sea on a video conference. The latest trend in technology is social networking. Social networking services are offered by many providers like Facebook; twitter etc. we find a lot of re-union happening over such networks. But does it bother our personal life?

We get in touch with our old buddies in school and college and share almost all happenings in our life. It becomes a matter of thought when each spouse has their own identities on social networking. They are supposed to maintain their passwords to login to the account. Should I share Facebook password with spouse? This is a question that arises in every one’s minds. The right answer should be a big yes. Because this is the root for all the trust and faith you have in the relationship. But it needs to be good enough that your past should not affect your love and life now!

Social networking without controversies

It is a great pleasure for elder people who start having credentials for social networking sites after they are well into a personal relationship. Hence, it is a normal practice for the senior citizens to maintain one account for their use. They don’t go in for an argument of should couple share social network password? It’s plain enough. They would maximum share photos and happening from their kids in their family like children and grand children living in a different place.should I share social networking password with boyfriend

But it is very weird when people at young ages have a common Facebook account which they share with their spouse. Again they don’t face problems like should couple share Facebook password. But the real issue starts when each spouse have their own login and not clear of whether to share their passwords or not. In some cases it is also very strange to see woman sharing their passwords with their husbands. The reason for why women share social network password with spouse is just a matter of trust that Indian wives have on their husbands.

Things to do before sharing Facebook password with spouse

It is always healthy to share the passwords with your spouse which establishes that you trust each other mutually. If your spouse don’t trust you even after marriage then surely he is not into you. But there are pretty few things to do before sharing social network password with spouse.

  • You might have to take of all the junk past that might affect your present life.
  • Be clear with your contacts that you are sharing your passwords with your spouse so that you don’t end up having any confusions or mis-interpretations later
  • And finally, it is a fact that you and your spouse need to sit and discuss the transparency that you need in your life.

Final Words

After all only when both of you are convinced about sharing the passwords, but to have mutual trust and faith in your marriage it is good to make things 100% transparent with your spouse. And that is why people share social network password with spouse.