Privacy Policy

What information we collect?

We collect the information from you whenever you subscribe our newsletter. Also, the advertisers advertising on our website may collect your information, if you fill up the leads or contact forms provided by them.

Do we divulge your information?

No, we do not sell or trade any of our visitors information to anyone, to avoid any sort of problem to your. But yes, we also not say that your information is not shared by the advertisers if you fill any form, by clicking to the advertiser’s websites. You can trust us that your information will be safe in our hands.

How your information help us?

We can count the actual number of visitors coming to our site and responding to us. If you fill out newsletter or contact form, your response is counted as a positive feedback, if mo negative feedback is provided.

Corporation Needed From Others

Any content violation (content copying, spamming or other malicious activities) might lead a trouble o you and us too. Please do not copy any of our content or harm our site. This is the request and appeal to all. Thank you. Hope you will corporate.

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