Planning for Second Baby: Time to get Pregnant Again

plan a second babyCan we think of Planning for second baby? This is a question that arises in every couple’ mind just a couple of years after the first delivery. Whether the answer is a yes or a no, but anyone will just take a pause and think about this new addition. But the truth is that you need to do a lot of workings before you decide preparing for the second baby.

Whatever is the age of the girl who has delivered a baby and the physical and mental fitness to have one more, but the foremost aspect to be thought of is you must have completed at least 18 to 24 months after your first release. This is to ensure that the mother’s body is actually fit to avoid complications in future. It’s a matter of priorities; it’s a fact that the mother has to be ready to make a balance of her first and second ones. Only when you can perceive these things, it is the right time to conceive after first baby.  Both of you have to truly realize that the care and love you have shared with your first one all these days will be actually shared with neither because you won’t be properly able to concentrate on even just now in your formative months. This is a big challenge indeed.

There are certain girls who think of a positive reply to should I conceive for second baby? But the fact is that here are a lot of differences in reality than imagination. Are you tolerant to take up all these pressures? Can you count on your spouse or parents or a family member to help you out when you have to take care of two children? You will have physical work load and your health will be almost drained stretching yourself to two different time schedules.

Invariable of the age of the husband and the wife, taking into regard the ages of two siblings, it is purely categorized this way: but it is an exclusive decision of the couple to make their home their way. And most important of all is you need to decide and know you are ready for second baby.

Good playmates

When the two siblings are close to one or two year’s differences, they set to themselves as good playmates. But the parents will definitely have no time from their diaper duty. But after a short span of years, it is definitely cool.

Rival friends

When the siblings are about three to four years difference in age, there develops a jealousy of the first child towards the second. But parents will definitely have some breathing space for the nursing.

Matured partner

This scenario comes when the siblings have an age gap of five, six or more years. In this type, they behave as matured siblings. The older one will start to do baby sit with is little brother.

 It is definitely a cute family set up with two kids but when you have crossed a certain age you need to also look at complications that may come while conceiving for second baby.  And also, it is a healthy attitude in this modern world to plan for a family planning after second baby.