How to Celebrate Hug Day with your Boyfriend, Special Gifts, Celebration Ideas

Hug day comes just before the valentines’ day and undoubtedly every lover’s occasion. But before that, the whole week is celebrated and maximum girls like to give hug the most. And these days, obviously, maximum of the girls would be tensed for getting the perfect gift for their boyfriends for hug day. Don’t you think I am right? If you are also among those who want to gift something special to him on hug day, then just sit back and relax. Today, you are going to know top 5 gifts to give your boyfriend on hug day which will also describe how to celebrate hug day with your boyfriend and best hug day gifts to give your boyfriend. You can also know how to date a boy on hug day and best places to spend time with boyfriend on hug day. Continue reading “How to Celebrate Hug Day with your Boyfriend, Special Gifts, Celebration Ideas”

Top 5 Fashion Tips, Tricks to look Slim, Gorgeous in Indian Wear

Every woman wants to have a slimmer body and it’s a known fact. But not all are blessed with naturally slim figure and so for them, many take extra effort on tips to look slimmer in Indian clothes. Many girls always eat right and also hit the gym and dress to look slimmer without dieting but this thing might not be in your favor always. Your fitness regime will take time to show you the results but till you can use some fashion tricks to know how to look slim in Indian outfits or how to look slim in Indian dresses. Dressing rightly in Indian outfits can make you look absolutely fantabulous. So try the Indian dressing styles to look slimmer by using these top 5 fashion tricks to look slim and gorgeous in Indian wear. Also these are the best fashion tricks to make you look thinner and dressing tips to look slim and tall. Continue reading “Top 5 Fashion Tips, Tricks to look Slim, Gorgeous in Indian Wear”

How to handle infidelity in relationship: Best Advices

This is a threat to relationship now. Yes – overcoming Infidelity in Relationships. Although, the topic might look or seem easy and simple, yet it is really not so easy for a partner to overcome infidelity in relationship and to continue the bonding.  The simple reason for this is it shatters the whole trust and mutual understanding that binds the relationship and leaves the affected person with emotions of betrayal, anger and agony.  As per the American association of Marriage, infidelity is the most common reason for break-down of relationship between the couple.  The blow is so impacting that it is really not easy to handle the situation.  Overcoming Infidelity in a relationship requires a lot of your efforts which has t be put emotionally. Continue reading “How to handle infidelity in relationship: Best Advices”

5 Most Common Things that Brides think on their Wedding Day

In a woman’s life, wedding is certainly the most beautiful day. The bride gives a lot of effort to make this day memorable. Starting from the perfect dress to the best makeup, she takes care of everything in advance so that she can be relaxed on her wedding day. But despite doing all the pre-planning, the bride gets nervous and brides’ thoughts on wedding day are obvious. You being a bride are bound to have things to think about on your wedding day. There are5 most common things that brides think on their wedding day and if you want to know what brides really think about their weddings, then do read on to know the 5 things every bride thinks on her wedding day. So, if you are gearing up to tie the knot in near future, you better be prepared to handle these things, which almost all brides think about on their wedding day. Continue reading “5 Most Common Things that Brides think on their Wedding Day”

Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School

Before we actually jump to the topic let’s get few things clear in our head. One, what is sex education? Sex education basically is imparting basic knowledge about sex. This is a crucial step to be taken in order to educate the young ones to be healthy, safe and responsible. Two, who should be given, sex education? Sex education is not a regular impart of education. Thus, it is important for everybody to be well educated about the subject. However, the priority basis impart of knowledge must be given to Teenagers.  Now the third and the most important question is should sex education be a part of school curriculum or should there be any form of sex education in school? Continue reading “Should Teenagers be given Sex Education in School”

Top 5 Best Tips to Impress a Girl at Wedding, First Sight Attraction

Wedding brings occasion for guys to find the girl of their dreams but questions like how to impress an unknown girl at wedding or how to start conversation with girl at wedding keeps circling the mind. Some guys even feel love at first sight attraction but go blank on how to deal with love at first sight at wedding or how to say I love you to a girl at first sight. Well, the secret behind knowing how to approach a girl at a wedding is pretty simple, and definitely achievable. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Tips to Impress a Girl at Wedding, First Sight Attraction”

Top 5 Hottest Bollywood Celebrity Couples who are about to get Married

Well, the year 2014 was a special one for Bollywood as many of the most popular names tied the knot and so, it is expected that 2015 will also bring some celebrities together to tie the knot. There are some Bollywood couples who are ready to get married this year and also the celebrity couples who should get married in 2015 as we keep thinking when will these Bollywood couples tie the knot? Well, there are faint chances of chimes ringing indeed and the rumored Bollywood couples we feel should tie the knot soon. The below are the top 5 hottest Bollywood celebrity couples who are about to get married or Bollywood couples who may tie the knot in 2015 are described below: Continue reading “Top 5 Hottest Bollywood Celebrity Couples who are about to get Married”

Top 5 Things You must keep in mind while selecting Your Mehendi Artist

Mehendi has a lot of importance in Indian Wedding. It is the most striking ornament that every bride wears on her wedding day in India. A beautifully decorated Mehendi on hands and legs symbolise a lot of things, like her husband’s love for her, prosperity that she is going to bring in her new family and affection of her in-laws. Thus, every to be bride wants her mehendi to be perfect. So, today we brought to you the 5 best tips to choose a mehendi artist for your wedding. Continue reading “Top 5 Things You must keep in mind while selecting Your Mehendi Artist”

How To Control Possessiveness About Girlfriend When She Has Too Many Male Friends?

Many a time relationship fails because of the possessiveness of either of the two partners. Now the question is why do people get possessive in relationship? Largely, the possessiveness happens because of lack of trust and a communication gap. The important point here is no matter what was there in the past each of the two involved, people must focus on the present and try to carve a future for themselves. This future is not possible if you keep restricting your partner because of your possessiveness. Below, we’ll tell you ways to control possessiveness about girlfriend when she has too many male friends:   Continue reading “How To Control Possessiveness About Girlfriend When She Has Too Many Male Friends?”

Latest plus Size Fashion Trends for Women: Top Apparels

Increasing obesity rates is a global concern. There are a number of factors that are directly involved. Lifestyle which includes the diets and living pattern contributes the most.  Though, there are a lot of diet plans and meal schedules plus the workout calendars available, still the obesity ratio is fast increasing around the world. So, the trend setters have not dis-appointed to recognize this segment. In fact, it is not a matter of just attending them by giving some recognition to this style, but the plus sizes are the talk of the town now. There are few awesome pieces of hottest plus size dresses for women which get in line with the trends. Continue reading “Latest plus Size Fashion Trends for Women: Top Apparels”