Online Friendship: Tips to Stay Away from Wrong People

For almost many of us, finding friends online is the best gift which anyone can get from internet. But, for others who have been deceived by such friends it has turned out to be the biggest nightmare for their lives leaving their heart broken and money less. In order to save oneself from meeting wrong people online, one should go through ways to stay away from wrong friends mentioned below. Such ways will guide you to ways as to how to avoid friendship with wrong person online or make them well versed with the fact that online friendship is not safe.

Notice things which are wrong

Pay attention to the chat messages which are exchanged on internet. Check if these are customised messages or generic with a minor change made to it say change in the name. These generic messages are drafted specially to lure users of internet. There are many signals which will beware you to stay away from persons such as poor English skills is one of the warning signals where people should understand that they should stay away from such person. Such people generally belong to countries which does not have English as their first language or have poor grammar.

Check out the profile pictures

While initiating friendship with unknown person online, users must make sure to have a look at the profile pictures of people whom you are willing to be friends with. Using attractive pictures is the best way of attracting friends. To check if the picture is authentic, they can search for the photo on Google search image to find out if they are unique and have been created using some software.

Use internet to verify if person is real

How to find real friends online is the question that is troubling people. The best thing a user can do is check if the person and his profile are real on internet or not? However for this, you may require more specific information such that search engines can find out if the user exists in real or not. This way you will be able to get more information about the user like where does he/she lives, works, studies etc.

Demand for money

The biggest setback which specifies that why online friendship is unsafe is demand of money? People often turn for friendship online with a desire to make money from their so called friends on internet. So friends who are asking for money then you should make sure to stay away from them? The other person should not further inquire about why such money is required or what the problem is as this would trap an individual completely and he would have to suffer huge financial losses from the same. This is hence the biggest reason as to why not to do friendship online. Also keep a close look on the messages which are desperate and repetitive, make sure to express your unwillingness in such situations.

Stay away from scams

One of the best tips to stay away from wrong friends is to stay away from scams. For users who are able to identify scams well in advance then they should not confront with such scammers. Block their emails, phone calls or any communication with them. Such information about the scammer should also be shared with others such that others can be saved from such scams.

Why Online Friendship is risky

Listen out their questions

The type of questions the other person asks from you will help you know majority of things about them. if they are interested to know more about your job, financial status then this is an alarming situation for you, and you should decide to get back from such an individual to save yourself from wrong friendship.

Protect your personal data

Until and unless the user meets the person in real, he should keep personal information private and should not discuss it with strangers on internet. No reason is so big, that you will have to share your bank account, house details or other information with them. Wrong persons online may misuse such personal information against you.

Final Words

The above mentioned tips will clarify as to why friendship with unknown person not safe and what all factors should be considered before extending a hand of friendship towards a person or before trusting them.