New Year Latest Messages, Best Wishes, Blessings, Greetings and Quotes

Just impress your loved ones by sending them the latest New Year messages, New Year blessings, New Year Wishes, New Year Poems, New Year Warm Wishes and lots more. Show them that you still remember them and really care for them. Here is the list of some fresh New Year messages for you.

May in this forthcoming 2014, you achieve the most apt goals of ur life that u really belong to.

In this new year eve I just want you to spread happiness and smile as much as u can. All of us together shall celebrate this blissful year.

Always remember the lotus to maintain its beauty even if it’s brought up in dirt. if u make urself a beautiful soul than surely like a lotus u will be honoured to god.

Never look back when u are heading forward. This is the saying of the wiser people. so believe in it. Have a happy new year2014.

Real History of New Year Celebration

Depression, sadness, failures, evil spirits … I want to say u bye a very good bye… so that u never return in our life’s again. Just welcome happiness and success.

 new year best wishes

This forthcoming year my wish is that it brings in ur life a bundle of happiness and good luck.

Let’s welcome joys and happiness, we should never forget that life gave us number of chances to be happy, it depends on us whether we accept it or not. So this year accept every moment to be happy.

Collection of New Year Wishes and SMSs in Hindi

New Year brings with joys, colourful mornings, opportunities, success lets cherish every moment and be happy.

May New Year 2014 colour your black and white buk, so that ur lyf is fulfilled with happiness.

Have a chivalric, royal, smashing, glittering, superb, glorious new year with end of all the repulsive and beginning of new sunrise.

As soon as the clock will strike 00.00. I wish God fulfils all ur wishes. Happy new year.

As the new is setting ahead may u make some resolutions that benefit u the most and u realise the silliness of past and would not repeat it. Make plans initiate them and try to fulfil them with ur 100%.

Send New Year SMSs in Hindi

I pray to god that this year no sorrows worry and sadness even does not gets a look of ur area. Have a fulfilling and promising year ahead.

Keep calm and remember god, this year may his close eye watch be on you and shall always remain. Please make us capable to the extent that we are able to spread happiness and jolly, we are able to bring smiles to the faces of each and every person we are in reach of. Make us strong and increase our strength.

May this forthcoming 2014 , brings smile each and every 365 day on the faces of people , there are reasons just to smile and no worry try to hit them ever. All our problems get solved and life become a little easier please god help us.

Burst the bubble of 2013 and appreciate the new bubbles of 2014, bubbles that are bringing happiness, joys, a life free of tension and anxiety. With full of positive atmosphere aheading towards it.

Present, past and future; these are the factors of our happiness or sadness. If we are living in present without taking burden of future and without thinking about the things gone in past. We will be able to live a better life for sure. Happy new year 2014

Beeteh lamho ki parchaiya de gaya (2013), Kuch lamho kuch waadoh k mithe ehsaas de gaya (2013), Har ghum meih, har khushi meih, vishwas k sath thame  k haath, Intzaar karna mera, mei aunga doubara ek naye naam (2014) k Saath. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2014.

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