My Boyfriend cheated on me – What should I do: Top 5 Signs

A relationship goes through several stages. Some of these are happy phases whereas in some cases things get rocky and ugly.  The problem is some people are so manipulative that you hardly can identity if the relationship is going through a rough patch or not. If you are not able to identify that a relationship is going through a tough phase you’ll never be able to know when the time to move on in life is. A lot of girls come up with this tricky question, ‘My Boyfriend cheated on me- What should I do?’ See, there is no definite rule to find out whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. However, if you actually are in the state of doubt then probably something is really going amiss in your relationship. Below, we have listed down few tips that will help you find boyfriend is cheating or not? Go through this list and access when it is the right time to pack your bags and move out of this relationship.

Too many excuses

If suddenly you noticed a change in his behavior then you can guess that something really is fishy. This change is generally followed by multiple excuses. Whenever you ask him to meet he is either unavailable or tends to cancel the plan at the last moment. This could even be followed by him suddenly falling sick or his tight schedule at work. If ‘I am busy’ or ‘I am tired’ or ‘Babe, I need to spare some time for friends/family’  or ‘I can’t talk on the phone during night time’, gets too common in your relationship then definitely it’s time to know that something is really not right between the two of you. Of course, there might be a fair chance that he’s genuinely busy. However, if every time you make a plan and he cancels it there is nothing left for you in a relationship. Possibly he’s giving all the time that he had for you to some other chick. This is the top most way to find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you for some other girl.


Now compliments are a tricky sign of cheating boyfriend. If he’s complimenting you or sending you gift a lot more than often or he’s not complimenting you at all, meaning he behaves like a completely different person than he actually is, then probably it could be one of the boyfriend cheating on you signs. When a guy who is not a big complimenter keeps showering you with compliments then possibly he’s doing this out of guilt. Moreover, if he’s doing this after a long unexplained absence then perhaps it is a sure shot sign that you boyfriend cheated on you for another girl and this is a way to get back to you to eliminate the guilt factor. All the new changes in him might be a hint of his cheating behavior. Observe him more and look closely at his behavior in case you notice this abrupt change in him.

No replies for more than 24 hours

Now, this is an obvious sign to identify that your boyfriend is cheating on you. If more often than not it is you who is calling him up while he never takes an effort to call you up or leave a text for you then perhaps he’s spending all his balance on some other girlfriend of his. Chances are when you see him online he will never revert back to your text on time. This is generally because he’s talking to multiple other girls at that same time. However he’ll always back it up by saying he’s talking to his colleague or simply that he was away from his phone. Moreover, if he cuts the phone saying he’s busy every time but never picks it up to dial your numbers then perhaps you are not on his mind anymore. Moreover, his phone’s battery dies more than often and he gets unavailable for hours at length. All these are enough proof of a cheating boyfriend.

He no longer likes getting intimate with you

If you are facing a prolonged dry spell in your relationship then perhaps these are signs that he’s sleeping around with someone else. The logic here is if someone is already there to satisfy his sexual appetite then why would he want to get dirty with you? Even if he does get sexy with you he might end up looking bored or disinterested. Moreover, if tries new moves on the bed with you then perhaps he’s learning these moves from his new lady love. These signs are a crystal clear proof of the fact that he’s getting someone else laid instead of you.

How to know boyfriend is cheating on me

He starts getting secretive

Now, this is an easy way to catch a cheating boyfriend. Suddenly, he has started putting passwords on his applications, his laptop and everything which you had access to in the past. The reason he gives for this secrecy is he needs space in a relationship and you must trust him. Yes, you must trust your guy. However, this secrecy is not healthy for a relationship. It perhaps means that he’s trying to hide his conversations or pictures from you. In case he puts his phone on the airplane mode when he’s with you then it clearly means that he doesn’t want you to know about his incoming messages and phone calls. Now you know where he was when his phone was switched off?

Final words

Honestly, if a guy is cheating on you then there is nothing left for you in that relationship. Moreover, once a cheat always a cheat. So, you must not bother spending your time, energy and money in a relationship which is already over from your partner’s side. There are no specific ways to deal with a cheating boyfriend. However, you must realize that if he couldn’t give you his loyalty, honesty and trust, will he be able to offer you his life? No! So, simply look out for ways to get over this cheating boyfriend and move ahead with your life.