Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriages: Modern Thoughts Vs Traditional Thoughts of Family

There is an increasing rate in divorce cases since past few years. This takes us to a situation where in we have to go in details about what exactly goes wrong in a marriage. Although, so many methods and strategies are adopted to make ourselves aware of the real compatibility criteria between couples, there are instances where things are opposite of what we start to think. The main reason behind every effort to arrange or propose a wedding is just as simple as the couple’s longevity and happiness. But is it really met? Let’s see how the type of marriage impacts the couples peace and harmony. It’s still a debatable topic on what to choose, is it the love marriages that succeed or the arranged marriages that last long? It’s a bit confusing still for the youngsters to choose their life, not sure if the future gen will be clear on what to do!

Traditional Marriage Methods

Though, in olden days there were marriages which were forced, in the medieval period marriages were traditional, but it was not at all forced. In a forced marriage, the bride and groom are forced to enter into the marriage and if opposed will be threatened or killed. There were times where the parents and family members were into selecting the apt spouse for their children. These are traditional marriages. Traditional marriages focus on just making the marriages a success. Though, the couples are not forced in traditional way of weddings, there won’t be much choices offered for the bride and groom.

Advantages of Love Marriages over Arranged Ones

Love marriage will be a real transparent sheet of paper which illustrates the age old saying- the known devil is better than an unknown angel. The good and bad of a person is very much known and accepted. But the couples have to understand the fact that life is not just a bed of roses, it has minute thorns too which hurts us a lot. It depends on the attitude of a person to look at the beautiful flower or just the thorns in it. Love marriages are really not about adjusting ourselves for the sake of others, but selecting a spouse without making any adjustments. The success of love marriage is looking at the real love even after all lust in life fades off.

Love Marriage Vs Arranged MarriagesNew Age Love Marriages

The urban women of these days enjoy exercising their choice of selecting a groom for them. Though, in few cases it clicks a lot and gives immense comfort and synchronization with their spouse, however most of the cases fail and end up with divorce. They start to feel that their expectations are not met fully and conclude to give up. The percentage of broken marriages is very much in these areas. Though, it is too easy to even break up, life becomes too tough after that. You must avoid breakup in a married relationship.

How are Couples Benefited by Arranged Marriages?

The success of arranged marriages encircles on the point that the parents or the family members aim at their children’s happiness and would use their experience in choosing the right person for marriage. The couples are also fearful for the promises and true to their marriage vows. On the other hand, the parents and the family members also find a security to the life of the couples. There will be umpteen supports given by the near and dear ones in case of any mis-communications between couples. The family compatibility is matched rather than individual compatibilities. The religious and culture differences are overwhelmed. Hence, the marriage rarely fails. Arranged marriages are mostly traditional ways.

Modern Arranged Marriages

With a lot of permutations and combinations worked out, a modern arranged marriage is a proven method to give the couples a lot of good hopes and a greater scope for a successful life. Though, there would be a lot of suggestions given by family and parents, the major decision aspects lies with the boy and the girl. They have to look into each other for their compatibilities. Marriages are arranged only after they are fully compatible with each other. Most of the couples feel that they discover love after marriage. They have the whole of their life to understand and trust and rediscover their love in their life.

Final Thoughts

Since, the trend changes from time to time, the above offers us a chronology of social happenings. A recent survey presented by NDTV reports that almost close to 74% of people in India prefers arranged marriages over love marriage. But, time has to answer if these modern arranged weddings provide values for the couples to have a long lived happy life. It is not exactly the way of weddings that decide the trust you build in the relationship, but the attitude of person getting married matters a lot by and large!