Love at First Sight and Its Signs: Do You Believe It

Is love at first sight possible, many of us have been continuously finding answers to these questions but the reality is love at first sight do exist, just because a person has a romantic side which has always wanted to fall in love. Love at first sight explained by experts says about the psychology of human mind or what is love at first sight and says that people do fall in love at first sight only in those instances when they believe in love and want to be in love too. However if you notice a person who is engrossed in complexities of his life, he may not get time to notice the sight of others or start loving someone at first sight, because they don’t have time for all this.

According to studies conducted by various schools of thoughts, it is said that usually men fall in love at first sight just because they get attracted with the physical appearance of women however such is not the case with women. Women prefer to enter into a relationship more slowly and believe that knowing about person at first sight is not possible, but once they get into a relationship they are not fearful of any commitment like men. While boys tries to find best ways to impress girls after fallen in love with her at first sight.

Love at First Sight v/s Lust

Both the words have different meaning like love is an attraction or desire to be with a person which arises the feeling of admiration and tenderness for each other whereas if we talk about lust it is more about sexual desire. Well, it is the lust which attracts people towards each other, however with time they tend to fall in love if they find peace and compatibility in each other. It is even said that this lust is often mistaken as love at first sight which may diminish within some time because lust is just because of some beautiful face, physical appearance which shall not stay for always unlike love.

Signs of Love at First sight

Many of us wonder if love at first sight really exist however there are some signs of love at first sight which can help us judge if it really exists or not. Let’s have a look athow loving at first sight happens and what are its signs;


You may feel weak, and the sole reason behind this shall be the appearance of any person who comes in front of your eyes and then you tend to feel weak. Even you shall feel that you will not be able to speak your heart out to a person, it would be difficult to utter even simple words in front of them. The world seems to go up and down, and you would be thinking of that person for like always which clearly symbolizes loving someone at first sight.

Love at First Sight Attraction, Signs, How to say I Love You


We may wonder what is love at first sight, and how it starts. Well the starting of any love is attraction, try and notice if the look of a person make you turn to see them again or do you visit same place often just to see them or if your heart gets out of control with their single look then these are some of the obvious signals of love at first sight. The presence of that person is only what matters for you, and you are not interested if anyone is there or not or if someone is more handsome or beautiful than the one you are attracted too.

Physical attraction

The way the person portrays himself/herself shall make you fall in love with them, like the way they smile or talk or carry themselves or how delicately they behave with the person of opposite sex. This is just an initial symptom, which may slowly and gradually turn into a strong bond of relationship. Loving her at first site, this is something common amongst men, who gets attracted to women’s looks and body easily and starts chanting love at first site quotes after seeing them.

Personal thinking

The thought about first sight love varies from person to person, like some of us believe that love can happen at a glance, while other people may think that love takes time and happens gradually. So if you think that love at first sight do exist than there are chances of falling in love for you just at a single sight.

Above mentioned were the answers of how to know you have started loving someone which shall help you judge if you have really fallen in love with a person and just a single sight of a person has done wonders and have created a magic called love.