Long Distance Relationships: Are they Successful

With so many inventions in technology and communication, life has taken a drastic development. Yet, nothing comes like meeting the special one in person. That too, when two souls are yet to be bonded by the virtue of marriage, reasons like nativity, profession etc. separates them. So, in such instances the first doubt that comes to our mind is how to get success in long distance relationship?

Tips to increase love in long distance relationship

Make it happen; it’s not impossible

If you are not sure, that you cannot make your love success when your heart throb is in a long distance, just throw that thought off your mind. It might be difficult, but definitely possible. This is the first step. And the foremost is talk to your special one daily at some means.

Talk about just the crazy things

Make it a habit that you share each and every minute of your day and demand the same type in return. By doing this, you will not miss your each other’s moments and there won’t be a single chance for a gap to be formed.

Establish that you care and love

Express how much you miss your beloved in your routines while in your daily talks. Also, show lots of amounts of care when you talk.

Don’t miss out any opportunity to visit

Make it a point that you visit your loved one once in a while. Plan out a schedule and work as per it. Don’t let a long gap. It’s very interesting to meet only after a sort gap. As it is known, seeing after a span of time excites both of you. Also remember that a gap will widen the gap in relationship too and there won’t be excitement in it.

Be concerned in times of need

Please make sure that you put in extra concern and care in hours of need to your love; when he/she is sick or got hurt. Do it more than how you use to be when seeing directly. Extend concern when needed.

Do natural updating; don’t force both ends

Do your sharing and updating things naturally. None of you should feel the burden to share and update each other. Rather make it an interesting happening. If your partner is busy in some instance, just leave for a while. Things will be back to normal. But, during that time if you insist on daily updates and time together, that might irritate.

Do things at the same time; it’s fun

Do try this. Do try doing daily routines at the same time. It feels like you are together. Of course the time zone should actually match.


Have a habit of greeting. Just send away a small gift or a greeting to express that you miss them.why long distance relationships are better

Remembrance object

Have some objects of each other to remember the other person like a perfume, or a clothing or a pen; it could be something but you will love to cherish the moments when you see it daily.

Why long distance relationship is successful?

Since you are not with your loved one always, a small message or a call excites you much. And each partner will start waiting for calls and messages. This increases the love they share for each other. Independence grows. The excitement after meeting a time span is just endless. It gives a lot of pleasure.

Why long distance relationship is not successful?

Yes, there are certain instances in which long distance creates a gap between the partners and if some other priorities get occupied in either side, it becomes a problem. Also, the cost in which they both communicate becomes a question. But now, with help of communication advancements, getting down the cost is a bit easier. Butall you need is to think smart. There comes a question of trust which needs to be more in these cases rather than in normal relationships. Extra normal trust levels needs to be created from both ends for each others to feel secured.

Solution to long distance relationship

The best solution to solve problems in long distance relationship is thinking more serious about the relationship and thinking of getting into the bond of marriage soon. Or at least one partner thinking of re-location. With all these tips to overcome long distance relationship, these can serve only for a short period of time. But in the long run the bond has its own answer.

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