Live in Relationship Vs Marriage Debate in India

India is a country of culture. The people in India follow this culture for so many years. As Britishers ruled India for more than 300 years, they affected the whole India so much that our rules and regulations also has an impact on British Policies. But for positive side, now India is growing at a very fast speed, in every field like technology, education, economy and also in relationship concern. Along with these growths and developments, the Indian Culture is also affected by the Britishers and Americans Culture. Nowadays, the questions arise that live in relationship is better or marriage is better? Everyone has its own thinking and its own aspect. So, live in relationship vs marriage debate started in India for the past few years. Indian Society and Indian Youths like the Western Culture so much that even they are now neglecting the Indian Culture. A majority of Indian Youths is totally affected by Western Culture.

The major cities in India are totally affected by Western Culture. Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Gurgaon is the name of such cities in which Indian Youths follow the Western Culture at a very large scale. Due to the effect of Western Culture, some positive as well as some negative impacts are rising in our society. The people who follow Western Culture, their thinking and approach are totally changed. They do not want to involve in the debate of live in relationship vs marriage in India. According to them, the definition of Relationship has been changed totally. Which is better – live in relationship vs married life? The youth of India prefers to “Live in Relationship” instead of living a “Married Life”.

So, there are many questions arising in our society as well as in our mind too that is it right to live in a relationship instead of living a married life?? Is live in relationship couples more happier than wedded couples?? The debate is started between wedded couples over unmarried pairs. There are a lot of confused people who regularly search about live in relationship pros and cons to improve their love life. Our Society and Youth are also divided into two groups, one favors Live in Relationship life and other favors Married Life. As well as, this is one of the hottest topics of Indian Society and Media, that living together before marriage is good or living together after marriage is good?

Everyone has its own and different opinion about the topic “Live in Relationship” Vs “Marriage”. Some say it is wrong to be living in a relationship or living together without marriage, as Indian culture doesn’t allow to do this. Some say what’s wrong with living together without marriage, as the couple has no problem. Why we would go for marriage as we are totally satisfied to be Live in Relationship. So, we are here highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of live in relationship, which are as follows:-

Live in Relationship Pros: –

Better Understanding: – The couple who are living together before marriage have better understanding between them as compared to arrange the marriage. They understand each other very well. Without understanding and trust, they do not live a happy life. We have seen a numerous live in relationship cases in India on a regular basis which ended up very badly. Everything matters a lot in a good relationship. The couples who share their feelings, emotions, happiness, sadness, etc.; with their partners can live happily for life long. These are also the good signs of a perfect relationship.

Long Term Relationship: – Living together without marriage is not so much easy for any couple. There should be need of trust and belief so much in that relationship. So, the couple who live in relationship, trust and believe each other very much. That’s why their relationship continues for a long time. So, we can say that live in a relationship without marriage is a long term relationship.

Space: – Nowadays everyone needs space in their life. Everyone wants to live their life as he/she wishes. That’s why most of the couples nowadays living together before marriage, as they do not interfere with their lives. Everyone has rights to take decision of their life and they follow this concept. Also they respect each other decisions.

Live in Relationship Cons: –

Divorce: – In recent times, survey shows that the most of the divorce cases are due to live in a relationship before marriage. The couple got so much frustrated that they do not want to see their faces in the whole life. These days, anyone can check divorce cases in India 2014 online. According to the stats, divorce cases in India are increasing day by day.

Fake Relation: – Sometimes, one partner or both are not happy with each other. They do not to live together but the problem is that both partners have not so much courage to say them. Then the problem starts increasing day by day. Then they live in relationship but actually they just manage the fake relationship between each other. Then the concept of marriage vs live in relationship debate arises and also the question arises is love marriage is better than arranged marriage or not?

Live in Relationship will be Successful if and only if: –
For a healthy and long lasting relationship, it is necessary that each person in the relationship clears everything before living together like their expectations, space in their lives, likes, dislikes, career, etc. They are also clearing the exact time limit of this relationship and after then they will separate or will do marriage, whatever they want, just clear it before. People also go to doctors and psychiatrists to take advice & tips for a good relationship between husband and wife. When both the people in the relationship clears everything to each other and totally satisfy to each other, after then only they will be going to live in a relationship before marriage. This is the best way to live in a relationship before marriage.

2 Replies to “Live in Relationship Vs Marriage Debate in India”

  1. live in relationships destroy the holiness of a marriage every ritual has a significance and meaning behind it and hence shouldn’t be tampered with

  2. live in relationship is the best way to know your partner and also reduces domestic violence as the partner can leave anytime

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