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New Year is very near, and you might be searching for the best and latest New Year messages to send them to your best friends, family members or loved ones. Here is the list of marvelous New Year blessings and wishes to make them feel special and send your love through words.

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Keep smiling … spread happiness … have a good cheer throughout the year.

Needy be the first ones to be fed, whenever a bad deed happens ,It always bleed, so end the race of coming first , because there is no end to this thirst. Have a blast of happiness and jolly; happy new year.

May Lady Luck bless you with stupendous prosperity, and wishes that you’re this year turns out to be the most remarkable so far.

This new shall bring u remarkable health and cheer. Because there is an old saying that health is the wealth … and if a person is healthy in today’s world he is considered to be the richest.

More New Year Messages and Wishes

I wish you that this year 2014 all ur old grudges with ur friends, family, acquaintances be cleared off and u explore new world too. May this New Year fill ur day with jolly, happiness and care.

As the New Year outsets may all the evil shadows erase from your life and fill it up with glossy shades instead.

Happy New Year Greetings

You should welcome this new sparkling and fresh year, Never regret the madness of the past as u recollect about the year gone by rather learn from those follies and treat them like another chance given to life.

I always wish you the best and care for you, my prayers will always include your well-wishing, no matter we are in touch or not.

This prosperous new year gives us a fresh 365 days to relive each and every moment and fill ur heart with sufficient desires and so that at the end of the year u do not remorse over the spilt milk.

May you always be surrounded with light, hope encompasses all the area around you, May all ur grief disappears, heart should feel kindness, affection and enlightenment. May ur cheeks glow and stretch ur lips every second. May all your desires turn true; this is my New Year Wish for you.

Have fidelity in urself and capacity in u. create possibilities for u and stop relinquishing, do not cry over your bad luck instead enumerate the blessings of ur well-wishers for u. learn to respect time and work individually and spend each and every moment . these are some basic guidelines to have a happy new year throughout. Above everything complete all ur tasks instead of having a careless disregard for the consequences.

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Whether it is in ur cup or the goal is in some other court, never avoid ur mistakes; value ur failure by never repeating it.

Everybody is excited about one’s birthday, but just imagine a birthday of urs but celebration all around the world, party at every corner, fireworksall over the sky, isn’t it special and a feeling of prince, same is for the guys born on 1st of January, it’s not just u celebrating or enjoying but everybody from king to beggar enjoying this day. so cheers once again, have a blast and may god fulfils all ur wishes and keep u and ur family happy forever and ever.

Be blissful, cheerful, chirpy and spread the same to the entire crowd, throughout the life not just this year.

There are wounds and bleedings, whenever there are bad deeds and happenings, try to understand  the longings,  let needy be the first ones we are feeding, with a ray of hope that u all will put a hault to this race of coming  first  as there is no end of eagerness  and hunger.

Birthdays Falling on January 1

As 2014 the day peeps come on flurry, burry all ur bad memories with a hurry just enjoy with ur first class flashback and enjoy ur upcoming 2014 …. And carry it on forever

Let’s set on fire all the immorality within us, inspect the positivity inside you and try to get the value over it on this new year bash…

Experience the new world, new atmosphere and new horizons that will lead u to the new journey of this 2014.

Overwhelm from the fears and go beyond the taboo and find new things. Hope this New Year 2014 brings all of this.

Set your aims and achieve your goals, higher ur aims more fruity will be the result .a very very happy new year to u. happy 2014.

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