Is technology a boon for Relationships: Impact of Technology on Relations

Technology Impact on relationsWe are in the technology world. We are just surrounded by electronic gadgets. Every other palm has a gadget in it and we tend to make ourselves busy with it. We make ourselves very easy reachable by any other person in any part of the world. But, just think and give a second thought! Are we making us reachable to someone with whom we share a room? Definitely this is the biggest troubles of most of the divorce cases these days. It is not just applicable to our love in our life. Imagine we don’t even tend to give respect to few elders sitting in front of us rather concentrate in chatting, face booking, messaging and tweeting. Is this value addition to our life fair? There are so many Ways technology affects relationships.  It is time to realize how technology affects relationships.

We need to adopt few methods by which we take only the good things from technology and leave the bad ones out. There are few tips to treasure relationships over technology.

Tips to treasure relationships over technology

Scheduled time for gadgets

Work out a time bound schedules to check your mails and get your messaging doneSo that you don’t ponder around the phone all the time. This is a smart way to avoid technology affecting relationships. As per a survey, an average smart phone user checks his phone almost 110 times a day.This is how technology affects our relationships so much. You can also let people know that you will be having a turnaround time to respond to their calls and messages.

Team based agreement

Sit with your spouse and let both of you understand how relationships are affected by technology.  Only when both of you agree upon the agreement, it works out. Otherwise it shall end in one person mistaking the other partner. It is important that both understands how technology affects our relationships.

Phone free times

It is very important to know that when you have someone special in your life miles apart, then technology helps you to get you to stay connected. But when you live together as a family, then you need to know the technology impact on relationships. So, you can set some phone free hours when you are at home like the dinner table, time spent in bed room etc. most of the couples are acceptable to the concept of phone free time only that we need to take time to realize and form a schedule and few thumb rules!

Technology has adverse effects on people’s life. At some point it might pave way to doubt your own spouse. It is not great fun and a good idea to sit with your own gadget beside your sweet heart. Technology is made to help us in life but it is the duty of us not to let it end our life. When technology impact on relationships, it is our own responsibility to mend it. And technology and gadgets should make your relationships feel closer and not make you feel apart though you are physically close to your loved ones.