Is Physical Intimacy Necessary in a Relationship or Love

Often questions like is physical intimacy necessary in a relationship or is physical relationship important in true love come before us. And we do need to think about. Nowadays physical intimacy between couples is common though still there are sections of people who don’t want physical intimacy in relations as they don’t prefer physical intimacy before marriage. The reasons can be many for not having physical intimacy with boyfriend such as reserved character, religious thinking, upbringing, surroundings, and personal choice. If you ask me how delaying intimacy can benefit your relationship, then it will help you to make you feel less guilty if for some reason that relationship don’t work out because for most Indians, sex before marriage is still considered to be a sin.

Physical Intimacy Importance

Moreover, if you want to know how important is physical intimacy for a successful relationship or the main role of physical intimacy in a relationship, and then read on to know about that. Sometimes questions like can a relationship survive without sex crop in your mind. Yes, it can as there are many cases like that, but there are some positive effects of having sex before marriage.

Roles of Physical Intimacy in a Relationship

Feeling Warmth

It helps you to connect and get the warmth and makes you feel important and secured. The ways in which it can help to you to connect with your partner you would never imagine. You will be able to get to feel that special warmth of love when you get intimate with your partner with just a simple hug. That secure feeling with your partner in this big wide world is something magical. When he will wrap his arms around you, your feeling will be indescribable and it somehow will make you feel that you are important for each other.

Strengthens Your Relationship

It strengthens the bond, get your hormones rushing and feeling of oneness to the touch of your love. Physical intimacy is important is because it helps to strengthen the bond of love and the touch of a loved one’s fingers running down your cheek or holding your hand can give you an excitement thereby making your whole body shiver. It gives a feeling of oneness as you feel like you are one in body and spirit.

Removes Stress

It gives you a sense of belonging-ness taking away your stress. When you get intimate in a relationship, it gives you a sort of assurance that you belong with him or her and there are no words to describe how a lover’s kiss can change your life and takes away all your stress. There is no sense of feeling lonely as you know your partner’s shoulder is there to lean on.

Make Your Bond Strong

It helps to show care, makes you feel wanted and lessens your problems. One of the ways to show your care and concern for your partner is getting intimate as it somehow lessens all the burdens. It will make you float forgetting all your existing problems. It also makes you feel wanted as there comes a time when you want to feel wanted by your partner and that is the time when physical intimacy matters.

Getting Closer

It acts as a reminder that you are the one and brings in that special feeling. It shows a gentle reminder that you are the one for your partner and also lightens your heart getting intimate. It brings in that special feeling especially in long term relationships. Getting intimate is definitely a way of showing love apart from everything else, getting intimate with your partner only means you want to show him/her the love you have inside your heart. As these are not standards, so it will vary from person to person.