Is it Right to Marry a Rape Victim

Will You Marry a Raped GirlWith ever increasing instances of rapes and brutal incidents of molestation it has become a very important yet compelling question in today’s scenario that is it right to marry a rape victim and many people around the world are pondering over this question. Many a times when it comes to the question of marrying a rape victim, men do wonder can you marry a rape victim or is marrying a rape victim legal? And they so often without consulting others and looking at the law decide against it.

But the matter of fact is not whether is it legal to marry a rape victim or not, what matters is would you marry a rape victim or not? You may put allegation on the victim or may blame her for whatever happened with her or you even may look at her with filthy expressions and show sympathy towards her later followed b talking at her back but the question is Will you marry a raped girl even if you fall in love with her? Would you let your love over power the strong sense of loathing and disgust that the society fill you with or would you just follow the norm that a raped girl should only be married to her rapist? But is it right that rape victims must marry the rapist only and make rest of their lives hell living with them under the same roof?

People in our society need to grow up. There are so many people who stop growing after their adolescence and stick to what the society taught them. But the question is why our society is against to marry a rape victim when the poor fellow perhaps never dreamt of a life that the society puts her into just because a mere unfortunate incident happened with her. She had no fault in it. She obviously never invited a man to approach her and forcibly make her have sex with him. Who would want something like that to happen? Which girl would want a life like that, and more importantly why she has to be punished for the bad incident while she was not a criminal in the case. While the ridiculous rapists walk shamelessly on the roads we make our daughters sit in the houses just because the parents are ashamed of what happened with their daughters.

Time has gone when the raped victims had no choice but to marry the rapist. Rape victims no longer forced to marry their aggressors and the times have changed now and many people come forth and stand at the support of the poor girls who have to suffer just because few men don’t have control over their physical needs, desires and drives.
Now what matter is how men think about all this? If you are a man and you are reading this then what is your approach towards a rape victim and how do you treat them. Do you look at them with loathing eyes and an expression that would make them feel guilty of a crime they never committed? If yes then you need to change your attitude and wonder that how to help someone heal from a rape or sexual assault so that you can help save a life.

Trends are changing and young people can be found who do not look at raped women with a bad attitude. They are as normal and neutral towards them as if nothing happened. Rape victim marriage, however remains a question that needs to be addressed. So think about it and decide what your take on it is?