Is Friendship Possible after Love

Is friendship possible after loveTrue love can never be forgotten or wiped off from someone’s mind. It only grows stronger as time passes by and memories invigorate it all the more. You might ponder if you should strike friendship with your ex which can possibly help you to recover. Is friendship possible after break up? If you are daunted by this baffling question then it is better to find out what is the best suited answer for it.

Love evolves from Friendship

Love comes with dreams and its inception marks happiness and contentment but when it ends it brings a hoard of distress and dismay. Love is possible after friendship but friendship is not possible after love. This is a pretty true statement that stands false only in extreme rare cases. Love evolves from friendship but its end kills the charm of friendship at once. Hence friendship is not possible after love quote. The best way to recover is to get involved in friendship with others and not wonder about the past and lost love.

Friendship or Love

Love is blind. It fails to see any vanity in the partner. Hence when the genuine love and passion ends it kills the internal desire and wishes of the person. He cannot trust on any relation and friendship is too big a deal to crack. Friendship is not a game to play that you can start on one fine day and end it next morning. Friendship or love-which is the more important relationship, must be found out and if you have been betrayed in the relation it leaves no space for either emotion. You must not cling to the person in the disguise of friendship. It only torments you mentally.

Real Meaning of Friendship

If you still wish to embark on a fresh new friendship after your break up then you have to compromise on a lot many niches. Friendship is not about finding similarities and friendship isn’t about talking everyday either. It just implies on extending a warm and cozy support at times of need. Talk rarely and meet once in a blue moon day but make sure you stand by your friend during all rough days.

Friendship after Love

Love is complicated and friendship after love degrades the situation but with a proper and mild approach it may help you recover the trauma and distress. Is friendship possible after an affair? Only your mental status and approach towards your ex will define your present relation with him or her. The best way to cope up with the break up is to let go and not take the help of friendship.

Friendship is a Divine

Friendship sees the brighter side of a person when it is as fresh as a dew-drop but after the end of an affair it stands pretty meaningless. This suffices for your daunting question is friendship possible after love. However if it was a simple dating and not commitment it might leave some space for friendship and closeness. Hence is friendship possible after dating has an affirmative answer. Friendship is a divine and pure feeling and commencing on it after the end of a relation will hamper its purity and tar its name.

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