Indian Wedding Decoration: Add Glamour and Glitz to Your Marriage Venue

Marriage Hall decoration Ideas for Indian MarriageElaborate decoration is an integral part of Indian weddings. The present generation Indian couples prefer embellishing their wedding venues with bright colors and rich, eye-catching decorations effusing signs of happiness ad celebration. Colorful weddings need necessary planning, preparation and coordination with flower decoration to reflect the conventional styles and customs associated with wedding ceremony. If you do not have the required time for planning the decoration, you can seek help from a premier wedding planner.

Venue Decoration: Proper Planning and Preparation is Essential

Wedding decoration is all about preparing the venue properly. Thus, after the venue is selected, it is important to sit with the event management company in charge of the decoration to plan about what kind of embellishments would enhance the look and feel of the marriage site. As already mentioned above, color has a significant role to play in the Indian weddings. For presenting a well-coordinated marriage ceremony, it is imperative to choose proper colors that would go well with the chosen wedding theme. Proper choice of colors would appropriately define the décor of the event. If you are confused about which hues would modify the theme you have chosen, you can seek suggestions from your wedding planner.

Garnishing the Theme with Flowers

Wedding Hall Decoration IdeasIt is difficult to conceive of an Indian wedding without flowers. Flowers not only play a big role in the rituals associated with Indian marriage but they are extensively used in decorating the wedding site. Apart from adorning the Mandap with colorful flowers, attractive floral centerpieces are also used to brighten up the reception all. In the old days, only natural flowers were used for wedding venue decoration. However, today, using both natural and artificial flowers is a trend and it highly compliments the theme. You can talk with the concerned wedding planning company to know about which flowers would suit your wedding theme the best. While golden yellow marigolds are a popular flower used for Indian wedding decorations, Jasmine is extensively used in the South Indian marriages. Red roses are popular too and they are often noticed in the Indian marriage parties.

If you want to instill a regal touch to your wedding decoration, you can consider using fresh, natural flowers. Those who do not have a high budget should not choose to use the exotic varieties as it will make a big hole in your pocket.

Specifically jasmine and lilies look awesome when they are used for wedding venue embellishment. Just make sure that you select a fantastic combination of flowers that will enhance the look and feel of the venue. It is better not to choose the flowers that dry or droop easily. It is better to squirt water to the flowers before they are used for decoration as it will retain their freshness.


Determine how much you want to spend on your wedding venue decoration and then venture out to start the work. If you specify your budget to the chosen wedding planning company, the professionals in charge of the job will decorate the venue to suit your budget.

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