Impact of today’s lifestyle on Relationships

Changing lifestyles affecting relationsJobs are nine to nine today. Life is monotonous. Work is stressful. Children are difficult to handle. Expenses are difficult to meet. Social status is so high. Peers are so competitive. Colleagues are bullies. Bosses are dominating and the lives are problematic.

Our lifestyles have changed. We work in different manners with different sorts of people and with different kinds of mindsets. Work patterns have changed immensely. Work is no more done in the way it used to be done. We come across a lot of different people everyday who leave an impact on us and our lives in ways we do not even realize. The kind of lifestyle we have today influences our relationships that are to say that our lifestyle has a direct impact on our relationships. Work today is greatly stressful and stress is not healthy for relationships of any sort. Stress deteriorates relationships and has the tendency to damage them beyond repairs. Monotony of life is also not healthy for relationships as it would end up making the relationships monotonous as well.

Today we live a kind of lifestyle in which everyone is self centered.There is nothing wrong in being self centered but there is just a thin line difference between being self centered and being selfish which is very often ignored. While leading a self centered life we tend to ignore the sensitivity of our relationships which ultimately ends up deteriorating our relationships with people, be it family, friends or colleagues.

Every relationship has its own importance and demands its own care, nurturing and space. Too much of anything can ruin a relationship in ways beyond imagination. These days we are so busy making money that we very often forget to give the required time and importance to our very important and special relations. The results are harmful and are realized only when those relationships are lost. Relationships play a vital role in our lives. Without them we cannot survive. Obviously, who can survive in isolation? It’s almost next to impossible. There is rapid increase in the growth rate of problem of depression. The problem is even higher in European and American countries when compared to south Asian nations like that of India where still some importance is given to relationships.The reason for this rapid increase apart from all other reasons like money, health, work, jobs etc is that of having poor relationships with family members, peers and co workers. Depression these days is one of the fastest growing diseases.

Importance of relationships cannot be denied in anyone’s life. If man could survive in isolation, it wouldn’t have been so important to have relationships but man is made in such a manner that he needs company in order to live a life of fulfillment, joy and happiness. One need to make sure that one should not allow one’s own lifestyle to have a negative impact on his relationships which have to be taken care of just like blossoming flowers.

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