How to Wear a Silk Scarf in Different Style

Wearing a scarf with a gorgeous party gown is prestigious attire that can be worn by any woman. There are different styles in wearing it. It mainly depends on the occasion in which you wear it. Also, it involves a bit of your style and interest. There are no particular best ways to wear a ladies scarf. But if you are woman wondering how to wear a silk scarf, you can find many tips to drape a silk scarf around your neck. It is a part of the accessory for the woman in you. Though there are many women accessories, an elegant piece of scarf will make the outfit look really better. Finally, it is you to decide on your style. It makes a great part in your winter garment set.

Different ways to wear a silk scarf

These are the 5 ways to wear a silk scarf which fits you elegantly. You must be really wondering as to how to tie a silk scarf. But these tips will make you wonder on the ways that you have to choose. But option and choice is always yours because each style is going to be different in case of a silk scarf.

Free style

This is the commonly used type and style. Wrap the silk scarf around your neck and bring both ends of the scarf to the front to make to hang it free. This also gives you the winter protection by making a thick layer at the back of the neck

Formal style

Place the scarf around your neck making one side longer than the other. Now with the longer end, make a loop type knot into the shorter end. Make a tight knot and leave the scarf to swing comfortably

Best Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf around Your Neck, Different Style

Square knot

This is also one of the formal wear styles. Wrap the scarf as per your style and then form a loop type knot. But instead of leaving it freely, you can tuck it inside your shirt or jacket which gives a professional look

Wrapping your shoulder

The best way is to wrap it around your shoulders. But for this the scarf needs to be indeed long. The long scarf gives extra beauty. You can even pin it up if you feel it is awkward when it is flowing around. But finally it gives a very decent look

Wrapping your head and neck

For this style, you have to wrap your head just once with your scarf and bring down to your neck and wrap it around your neck and allow it to hang at the back.

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 ways to tie a silk scarf. But you can discover more choices to handle your own silk scarf. But believe, it is a worthy investment. There are few more styles in handling a silk scarf. It has much usage in your dressing. You can handle it fashionably as a hair band. It can be also used as a waist belt by folding it many times and putting it inside your loops.

Going in to the history of silk scarf, it was first been used by pilots when they handled open aircraft to withstand the cold. But now, functional aspect of silk scarves is been transformed to a fashion aspect. It has become very fashionable that it is seen as a part of the attire and number of Ways to tie a silk scarfis into fashion. The silk scarf can be matched with your outfit. It will look good when you choose a scarf that matches your skin tone too.