How to Text a Girl You Like: Skill You Must Develop

If you are weak in communication with girls, you should develop your texting skills. In this 21st century, you have more advantages to date hot girl than the men of the past centuries. Now days, smart phones have become a good tool for communication. You can also use them to improve your dating life. In this article, I am going to reveal some rules on how to text a girl. Pay close attention on below tips if you always wonder how and what to text to a girl.

Be clear about why you want from texting a girl –

I am surprised at the fact that most men have no goals while they text a girl. No wonder they ruin their texting game. In order to be good in texting with girls, you must understand why you want to text a girl. According to my analysis, texting is important for two things:

  • To build an emotional connection with her
  • To meet up with her again, or to date her

The common mistake which is made by most men is they send random texts, and they hope that they will get a date by doing so. Some men do further step, they send too many funny texts to a girl, they almost beg for her attention. No wonder, they just waste their efforts, and they don’t get any positive results by doing so. Be clear about why you want to text her while texting her. This will be the difference between you and the other guys on the road.

How to Text a Girl You Like Her

Which kinds of texting you need –

In dating world, there are two kinds of texting. First is called warm texting and the second is called cold texting. Warm texting is all about texting a girl when she is awaiting your texts, and cold texting is all about texting a girl when she is not expecting your texts. In the starting, you need to play your cold texting game well enough to get her comfortable for your texts. Later, you need warm texting to date her. Every guy starts with cold texting. But only a few guys play it good. In cold texting, you should try to surprise and confuse her. Try to align with her emotions and touch her hot emotional button.

How to compose your cold texts –

When you write your cold texts, consider including below things.

  • Fun
  • Emotions
  • Excitement
  • Connection

These are the 4 elements for a good cold text. Add any of three elements while crafting a text for a girl. Your text should be fun. It should develop emotion while she read it. Moreover, it should excite her and make her feel connected with you. Next evening you should text a text similar to below:

You: “I enjoyed the fun evening I had with you at bar. Hang out with me next evening. This time we would have even more fun, [Put your name here]”

For some of you, it might sound too forward, but it’s not. Now pay attention to its elements. First, you talked about fun in the text. Later, you connected FUN with YOU. So she would associate good emotions with you. You also made connection with her. Your text depict that you both enjoyed each other last evening, and it would make her feel connected with you. Lastly, you asked her to hang out with you again. If she enjoyed your company one evening, she might like to spend another evening with you soon.

If you text her above text or you ask her to hang out with you after a week, her emotions towards you might fade away. So, ask her out when she has good emotions toward you and she feels good about you. These were the things to text a girl you like. I suggest you read this post twice and start practicing to send text messages to girls. You would have much better success than an average guy who don’t know how to text a girl.

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