How to Plan a Perfect Romantic Kiss?

Are you in a relation? Thinking to kiss your love? How to plan a romantic kiss is the question in your mind? People often think to make their first kiss romantic and in they follow lots of steps to plan a romantic kiss. Love is something that makes things possible and can even turn an iron heart person on. Kissing your partner is the expression of your love towards him/her.

When you had just been in a relationship and planning show your love to your partner then kiss is the starting to it. The kiss must be so romantic that your love is expressed through it. But you need to consider certain things to be taken care of before a kiss. You also need to learn how to make kiss romantic.

Best ways of Romantic kiss/ basics of a romantic kiss

Here are some basics of a romantic kiss to be followed before kissing your partner for the first time. you should know about different different kissing stylesso that you can make your kiss unforgettableHere are some best plans for a perfect romantic kiss. These are also the things to be taken care of before a kiss.

Soft lips

A perfect romantic kiss will always start with supple and soft lips. Before going for a first kiss ensure that your lifts are soft enough to touch your partner’s lips. Now you are ready to eat up the lips of your partner.

Good Smelling Breath

Your mouth must be fresh and the smell must not be coming from your mouth, before your make your first kiss successful.


Confidence is surely a thing that makes you kiss your partner without any fear and shame. You need to be confident enough to eat up the lips of your partner. You should make best plans for a romantic kiss. This will increase the level of your confidence.

Find a private place

Look for a private place so that you are not disturbed by anyone while kissing.

Tease your Partner

To improve on the intensity of your first kiss, just tease your partner before kissing. Going for a kiss and then coming back can tease your partner and your partner become more eager for the kiss. This will also make your kiss more romantic.

Be slow in kissing

Drag your lips to your partner’s lips slowly and gently and then set the perfect mood for some hard kisses.planning perfect romantic kiss

Get a touch

To make first kiss a romantic kiss, make your that you hug your partner and cup her face and then go for a perfect romantic kiss on the lips of your partner.

Let your partner kiss too

It will be great when you both will be kissing each other for the first time. Allow your partner to kiss you too.

These were certain things to do make kiss romantic and perfect. Follow these tips and make your kiss unforgettable.

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