How to make your first kiss unforgettable?

How to make first kiss unforgettable? This might be the question running in your mind, if you are going for the first kiss. In this article you will 10 tips to make first kiss memorable. Love is something that cannot be expressed easily without a kiss. You can choose any of the ways to kiss your partner from different types of kisses. Here are the 10 tips to make first kiss unforgettable.

Listen to your Heart and go for it

This is one of the 10 best ways to make first kiss memorable for long time. The first kiss is not something allowing you full authority over your partner, but in fact you need to express your love with the first kiss to make first kiss memorable. You might not have enough courage to kiss your partner on the planned first date. This happens instantly. Listen to your heart and go for it.

Create a Sexual Tension

It is another best way to make first kiss unforgettable. Before going for the kiss, try to seduce your partner by sitting close to him/her and looking into his/her eyes. Go romantic with him/her and set the mood for the kiss. If you are on a date then you should read about the 5 best dating tips for men and women.

Avoid distractions

It is better to plan your first kiss in a place where you are not disturbed by anyone. In such a place, you can easily set the mood romantic and can kiss your partner in anyway. You must read some ways that will help you out to plan your first romantic kiss.


Location is one of the most important ways from the 10 ways to make first kiss unforgettable. A romantic location allows you to go for a good romantic first kiss. Sometimes too much disturbances in the location stops you from kissing and might make your kiss unsuccessful.


This is something that you should take care of to make your first kiss unforgettable. Your mouth and smell must be very fresh. Bad breathe will completely ruin your first kiss.Tips to make First Kiss Special

Your touch should be perfect

You need to position yourself and your partner in the perfect position before going for the kiss. Come closer to your partner and kiss him/her harder touching his/her body parts with your and hugging tightly each other.

Start with a smooth kiss

You must not be too eager to kiss your love that you forget that it is your first kiss. Kiss your love smoothly and lightly at first instance. Do not show wilderness in your first kiss.

Do not use your tongue

Your partner might not be ready for it. This is one of the 10 ways to make first kiss unforgettable. You need not to use your tongue for kissing. Just use your lips for a perfect. Using tongue on the first kiss is one of the common mistakes to be avoided during first kiss.

Do not stick your lips

Just not stuck your lips, to your partner’s lips. Move your lips over your partner’s lips and make him/her feel the real joy of kissing.

Do not push your partner

If your partner is not ready for the first kiss, do not force him/her to do so. A time will come when he/she will definitely kiss you. It is few such things that women wants from men when he tries to kiss her.

These were the best 10 secrets to make first kiss unforgettable. Follow these ways to make first kiss unforgettable and enjoy the feeling.

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