How to make Real Friends Online

Social networking has not just emerged as a part of the current vogue but it has also accelerated many budding relations and friendship. People communicate notions and thoughts with others who are settled miles away and yet develop affinity and a warm bonding. However there are negative aspects of making online friends as well which has crafted an increase in the number of cyber-crimes. Hence it is indispensable to judge people and then invigorate relations. Here are some genuine tips on how to make real friends online especially on how to make real friends on Facebook. It shall guide you in the process of embarking on new and true friendship.

Need a Keen Look at Profile before Adding

Friends are the best part of life and hence it is indispensable to choose the right ones. You must first understand what is online friendship and if you can you make real friends online. Check the details if you are making friends from a different background or hailing from a different nation. If you find it genuine and reliable you can definitely share conversations.

Greetings & Compliments

You can exchange greetings in the morning and evening in the initial days. You can add compliments and comments. These are genuine and simple initial steps to catch the attention.


After you have known the person superficially it is time to propel the relation. There are many ways of chatting online to make friends and especially you should be acquainted with how to chatting with a girl on Facebook. Don’t sound casual and flirt instead maintain decency and talk politely. Everyone likes to be treated with respect and dignity. Join in conversations that do not meddle with their privacy. Enjoy light jokes initially and progress steadily.

Email with Encouragement

Shooting emails is an old but effective practice of charming people who are out of sight. This is one of the best ways to find a true friend online. Tweeting or emailing to foster their decisions and beliefs will help you build trust and hence improve the friendship.

Share Happiness

Now that you have walk half your way of finding good friends it is important to lighten their burden. Is online friendship good or bad and is online friendship safe depends on how well you treat your friends. Help them out in tough situations with words of encouragement and do as much as you can to relieve their stress and worries. Always share happiness with him which surely helps in changing his/her mood.Tips to do friendship online


Try and meet the people after you have developed a strong bonding and friendship. Meet in safe and crowded places like coffee shop and restaurants. This is one of the most important of 7 secrets for making real life friends online. Meet and know them better and embellish your life with true friendship.

These are some simple yet significant tips of making real friends online. There are best online friendship sites for free in which you can get enrolled and look for fresh friendship. Is making friends online dangerous? It is only if you are not careful but its turns out to be amazing if you follow the guidelines and progress safely and steadily.

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