How to know that you are ready for marriage

How to know you are ready for the marriageThis is the most indecisive state in everyone’s life. Certainly, nobody knows whether we are ready to get married and to take the next step ahead in life. It changes our entire life and lifestyle. Of course there are pretty good signs to know you are ready for marriage. But we can’t assure anyone totally getting convinced for marriage. The other side of the river is always green. It is totally unknown. We can try out things with facts and figures from various inputs – our friends, a close relative, a colleague or our parents and our siblings. But, there is a factor of risk for any individual as no two lives are the same. But then, how to know that you are ready for marriage? It’s a matter of fact, when we also cross the most conducive times and good opportunities to tie the nuptial knots for ourselves; it becomes tough to be in line in life again.

Best signs to know I am ready for marriage

These are the best ways to know you are ready to marriage.

Giving and getting

It’s a natural thought for a human being to think what you get by doing this and what you will have to shell out for doing this. So, mentally plan yourself for this. Obviously, you need to do a lot of compromise. But, just believe it gives you only lots of joy and happiness. When you start manipulating about giving and getting, add love to the list. It gives only immense pleasure and nothing else. Once you are prepared to share the love with another soul in your life, then you can re-think considering.

Age factors

One best signs to know you are ready for marriage is your age. You will start feeling the pressure from inside and outside when you attain a certain age to get married.

Social laws and commitments

Thinking in line with the age criteria, the social aspect needs to be attended. There is of course a minimum age at least to get married. And of course,

Bridal fantasy

If you are attracted the way your friends becomes brides, then you can consider marrying. But make sure you hunt for the right person.

Fulfilling Wish list

This is the most needed factor for this generation. They have a notional wish list which they ideally wish to achieve before getting married. But, reality has to be thought of.

“Me” to “we” compromise

This is a very interesting factor to decide how to know that I am ready for marriage? Ask yourself whether you are mentally prepared to think of an element “We” for all “Me”s.

Emotional balance

Are you ready to strike the emotional balance? Your identity and responsibility increases and you need to take up a lot of commitments. Though this comes naturally for the biological age, it’s better to do little homework on this.

These are the ways to know you are ready for marriage, keeping in mind that the right person is chosen. After you have decided to marry, you can rejuvenate your marriage. But if your mind still wanders and doubts whether this is the right person you are looking out, then there is no point in thinking of marriage. And of all, decide whether you are looking out to perform a marriage or just a wedding event.

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