How to keep the passion alive after marriage?

Keeping passion alive in long relationshipIt’s very easy to love your partner more in your honey moon days. But what actually happens after some years. The family starts growing. As family grows, you and your partner are quite busy and occupied with your routinized stuffs. You will not have the sense to think about your partner the way you must have thought when you were newly married. Of course, you must love your partner still and even more, but do you express it all time? Many couples fail to do this. Passion is not just about love making and romancing. But it’s all about creating an emotional bond with your significant other and makes them feel secured. It’s always been secrets to keep passion alive after marriage. Be the one to unlock those secrets of happy, long lasting marriage.

Tips to keep passion alive in a long term relationship

Celebrate your routine

Take time with your partner in your daily routines. For instance, you can have it as a habit to have one meal of the day together. You can also do the shopping together so that you are both engaged and have some chance to be together. You can take excuses from your routines but can include your partner in it.

Appreciate as much as you can

Practice small gestures by appreciating your significant other. A touch with utmost love or a hug will make your partner feel stress free. Do remember to appreciate small acts done by your partner. I could be a way of dressing or a way a dish is cooked. Or you can get a surprise gift for no reason. This will definitely excite your partner and

Talk about the days you shared together

It would be crazy and drive your nuts to talk about the days you shared together but it will be fun and increase your intimacy. You will start feeling young and your mind will take an off from the hectic current states. For example, you can share some doing of yours which went so absurd. It could be as simple as choosing a wrong restaurant in your honeymoon trip.

Spending exclusive time for yourself

You might be busy all day and throughout the week. But create space and time for you both and spend it together. Make every opportunity that you can do it together. Play some games together. That’s for sure; you will not feel like winning your partner. Take time to spend together in the couch and watch television. Make it as a habit to do these at least once in a week’s time.

There are so many best ways to keep passion alive after marriage. It’s really harmless and fun to do things. It’s indeed a duty of each partner to make them accessible and responsive to their loved one and make them feel secured. Emotional bond is the base for love. It is the backbone of sexual life. Without having an emotional bond with your partner, life will be lifeless.

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