How to Get Over Someone You Love

tips to get over your exMany of us do not realize that our minds are conditioned to the way we feel, behave and react in our daily lives. We fall in love and have a great relationship and we begin to take things for granted. When a loved one walks out of our lives after a stormy row, we are shattered and feel that we can never get over this breakup. The fact of the matter is that we are not really sure what love is and think that we can never love again when we are dealt with this blow.

Why is it difficult to accept a breakup?

From the time we are a child, we are inured into believing certain values and ideas that we pick up from our elders, by reading books or listening to romantic songs. We read and listen to media that programs our minds with different beliefs about love and breakups. We are so caught up with what we see and hear that we begin to believe that we can never love again.

Many of us have grown up believing that there is only one person in the whole world waiting out there for us. We feel overjoyed when we are attracted to someone who reciprocates our love. For a while we live in a euphoric world where nothing else matters. Then our world crumbles down when the love of our life decides that things are not going to work out anymore and walks out on the relationship!

Here are some best tips on how to get over someone you love even if you believe that this is impossible.

Differentiating Attraction with love

We feel a strong stirring when we are attracted to a particular person and we relate this to love. We may have created some mental image of the type of person we would like to fall in love with. When we meet someone who fills that criterion, we are automatically drawn to that person and recognize the feeling as “true love.” Remember that there are numbers of people, who will be attracted to you and you will feel the same stirrings as you did with your ex.

Don’t Feel Blue

If someone you have fallen in love with walks out on you, you may feel blue for a couple of days. Do not brood or despair for long as there are many more out there who will care for you and love you even more perhaps than your ex. You have to condition your mind and understand that love is transitional and it is possible to love again.

Don’t Miss Opportunity to Meet Someone New

If you start despairing and become aloof, you will miss out the opportunity of meeting someone new. Let your mind get used to the fact that your ex is not going to come back and you learn to correct the mistakes made in the last relationship. It may take a little time for you to get over your ex. Take your time and get involved in different types of activities to get over the heartache and pain.

Leave your Past, Move Ahead

You will feel excited when you decide to put the past behind you and look for someone who will understand you and love you for the person you are. Learn to look forward to a more promising future where you will tread carefully and ensure that you do not make the same mistakes.

It is important to realize that there is no logic or science when it comes to love. It is not predictable and though you feel that it is the end of the world, you can condition your mind to look forward to a new relationship.

This will strengthen your purpose when you are considering how to get over someone you love. Look forward to a great new beginning and let your love flow again.