How to get child custody after divorce in India

When divorce becomes inevitable, there are a lot of factors that needs to be attended. Nobody marries in a view point to get divorced. It is a compulsion made to us by time. And if It involves Child Custody in India,it is better that both the husband and the wife be prepared by knowing the facts of legal procedures before filing a divorce. There are few Child Custody Law in India with which you need to fit it yourself and your case. However till the age of 5, child needs to be in the care of their mothers. Fathers just have the visiting rights at this stage. But it is even possible for a father to get his child’s custody after the age of 5 of the kid if the person is able to take care of the child’s development and growth at a par that can be given by a mother.

How to get child custody after divorce?

The base for all laws says that no parent will be ignored by not giving even the visiting rights to his / her child. The Law for child custody in India is formulated with keeping in mind that the child’s growth and development will not be spoiled. There are certain factors with which, the get child custody be granted to any parent. These are the factors governing it.

Education of the father and mother

An educated parent will have an edge on the custody of the child. It is a very clear factor that only an educated parent. Educated mother will have a better opportunity to claim Rights of wife after divorcefor her child custody.

Family background of the father and mother

The family must be able to and capable of supporting the parent to bring up the child. This is an important factor in getting child custody after divorce.

Financial background of the father and mother

If you want to get Child custody in divorce, itis a very clear criterion to be financially stable. Financial stability plays a most important role in child’s development and to win child custody cases

Preference and wishes of the child

Even in case of a minor child, child’s wishes will be taken into account in deciding the custody for the child. Divorce impacts the child, and the love of child towards a particular parent matters a lot in getting child custody.

Atmosphere that can be given by the parent to betterment of the child

The thumb rule for the Child custody cases in India is in line with the environment which can provide the child a healthy atmosphere for the child’s growth and mental development.

Safety of the child

To claim the Parental rights after divorce,you need to first be able to give the safe environment for your kid.

There are some more factors that need to be thought of and decided by both the parties before confirmation of divorce from the court. Those are the method in which the property is bifurcated.