How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Workplace, 5 Best Ways

To know how to deal with sexual harassment at workplace is very difficult. Normally, there don’t remain any witnesses as the harassers are clever enough to keep their activities private, and they obviously are aware that what they are doing is wrong. So it’s very important to learn how to deal with sexual harassment, so that the perpetrator doesn’t keep getting away with it. You always should be prepared to deal with your boss. The following are the top 5 tips to handle sexual harassment at work and what you can do if you find yourself on the receiving end.

How to Stop Sexual Harassment at Work

Maintain a Diary

First of all, maintaining a diary will help you keep a record of every incident and conversation will lead you to know how to deal with workplace bullying and sexual harassment at work. Though a diary isn’t proof, but it will help support your case and it will also help you remember everything that has happened. If you leave it to memory, then you might probably forget important points.

You should talk to your Manager as you don’t have to tolerate it

Sexual harassment is another form of bullying and the perpetrator gets away with it as they know that people don’t stand up to them. So you know your rights about sexual harassment at work and should also speak to your immediate manager about your concerns. If they are the one harassing you or they do nothing, go to the person above them. But don’t let them dismiss your complaint and try to insist that they take action and show them all the information you have kept. Moreover, remember that it is not part of your job, so you don’t have to put up with them. Fight back or it will happen with others.

Tips to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Try to have support or speak to Union Representative

To know facts about sexual harassment and to deal with them you need to have support. You should try to find out if any of your colleagues are also being harassed, and then encourage them to document incidents and report them or if you are a member of a union, then you can speak to your union representative. Remember that this is the reason why you pay your subscription, so that in terms of need, they can protect your interests and welfare.

Try to Keep Calm and Be Firm

The moment the harasser bothers you, you need to make it very clear that their behavior is not welcome and acceptable by you. Try to stand your ground and say every time that you want it to stop. If you are wondering to know your rights against sexual harassment, it is important to keep calm. You should be firm, but don’t lose your temper, or it will be very easy for the harasser to attempt to put you in the wrong.

Always Avoid the Harasser

One way out of the 5 best ways dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace is to avoid your harasser as much as possible. Though it may be difficult if it’s someone you work closely with, but if you can keep away from them, it will surely reduce the opportunities to hassle you. Moreover, it’s possible that this may stop the problem, although you should still keep a record of any previous incidents. Unfortunately this sexual harassment issue in the workplace and elsewhere is not a thing of the past, so if you find yourself on the receiving end you know you need to deal with the issue, however unpleasant it is. So try your best to let that person know that you don’t bother at all with their presence.