How to Deal with Accidental Pregnancy when you are not Ready

Tips to avoid accidental pregnancyPregnancy brings dramatic change in a women’s life. When a woman becomes pregnant, her life is never the same. Changes happen in her life both physically and socially. This is one of the most immaterial choices which she makes in her life. For almost period of nine months, she has to carry a baby in her womb and take care of it after birth. So having a baby is the most important decision in a women’s life. After marriage or after certain age, women become mentally prepared to have a child in her life. But there are certain situations in which a girl becomes accidently pregnant during a physical relationship with her lover or husband. In such situations, many questions arise in a women’s mind like what should I do, how to deal with accidental pregnancy and what are the options.

How to Deal With Accidental Pregnancy?

There are some typical choices which are available with you and you must explore these options before making final decision in your life. Look at some of the best tips to deal with accidental pregnancy:

Have a baby and become a parent

The toughest choice and challenging choice is to have the baby. The most obvious reason of unexpected pregnancy is when you didn’t have a safe physical relationship with your lover or husband. Also it depends upon at what age you were at the time of pregnancy and in what type of relationship you were with the person with whom you got pregnant with. The choice of giving birth to the baby is not possible for the girls who are not adults as this is not supported by society and this might result into dire circumstances in your life.

But if you are an independent girl and ready to have this baby, you must explore this probability of going with the baby. This all depends on your mental condition, your relationship status and your thinking. Being a single parent is never easy and it needs support for parenting a child. So you must weigh all the options in front of you, Will it be possible to marry the child’s father? , How will you deal with financial expenses and childcare? What if you have to have this baby on your own? Nonetheless, keeping a baby is a decision which involves mother, father and your family because you cannot keep it away from society. So always explore all the options carefully before finalizing this point.

Give Away baby for adoption

This decision is only in the cases when the girls have no other choice but to keep the baby, there are many reasons that you have to go with the baby as it would impact both life of child and the parent. This option is also adopted by teen moms or by single parents who cannot look after their child anymore.

However this is a tough decision for any girl because after keeping baby inside womb for nine long months, it becomes so difficult for any women to give away her child for adoption. However this option could be explored in case the adopting parents are nice, well to do and can love the child just like their own. In such cases, you need to check what relationship will you have with the child? Will you ever be able to meet the child or not?


The easiest way to deal with accidental pregnancy is to abort the child. But this is also a cruel way to deal with accidental pregnancy. Although it may sound as an easy decision for teenagers but this decision is the most difficult decision for any women. This choice is made by those women who know that they accidently got pregnant and cannot take care of a baby due to many different reasons. This is the quickest way to deal with unexpected pregnancy but could also be emotionally draining and stressful thing for any married women.

So it is important to take proper consultation from a physiologist and gynecologist. Moreover it needs to be checked that whether you can have an abortion or not because in some cases abortion may lead to other side effects. So, proper care and checks must be performed before performing abortions. Make sure that you take help from professional and trained doctors.

Donate your Embryo

This is the best way to deal with accidental pregnancy. If you are early into pregnancy and still don’t have to continue with it. There is one option called as donating your embryo to vitro clinics. In such clinics, the embryo is kept frozen like sperms or ovules and kept for those couples who have difficulty in bearing a child. This way it gives hopes for those couples who desire to have a baby but could not bear it due to problem in the women embryo.

The decision about having a baby should be done by biological parents together and it involves both man and woman to sit down and explore all the options mentioned above. If you still feel confused, then you must seek counseling from professionals before making any hasty decision in your life. In case of any dispute, the woman must take the final decision on this as she has the complete right over her body after all.