How to date different guys at the same time

Ways to date multiple men at same timeLove is one of the beautiful experiences of life, which can make all your problems, go in vain. A successful relationship has many reasons behind but the first and foremost reason is your partner. For your relationship to be full of love you need the correct partner. To choose the right partner before getting into a relationship, we first need to know that person well. Hence, we usually first opt for dating someone. Dating is a stage that comes before the relationship actually starts. The main motive behind dating someone you like is to know how compatible he or she is. You might like multiple persons at one time, but you are not sure you would make a right partner. This confusion is seen more in girls. In such a case you can date multiple people at one time, and there is nothing wrong doing that. However girls many times confuse dating with commitment and are not able to understand how to date different guys at the same time, without hurting anyone. Girls hugely need tips on how to date different men at the same time. So here are some of the best tips to date different men at same time.

Be honest

This is very important. You must be honest to the guys you are dating. You need to know how to date many boys at same time without any guilt. You must tell them that you are seeing other men as well, so that none of them expects a lot from you. You need to understand in within yourself that by dating multiple men at the same time you are not doing any crime, which you need to hide. If you will be honest towards all the men, they will also act honest in front of you, and present you the clear picture about themselves. Being honest towards the men you is one of the dating are ‘must opt’ strategies to date multiple boys at same time.

Don’t get confused

You must be very clear from the start that you are simply dating guys so that you can know them in a better way. Dating is the first step of a relationship; you cannot get into a relationship with every man. You should have certain strategies to date multiple men at same time, in order to avoid any confusion.

Don’t expect

This is one of the best tips to date many guys at same time.  You must understand that you cannot spend the whole life in just dating someone. Dating is just a stage and their and this stage ends eventually. You should not have any expectations of life long friendship from any man. His ego might get hurt after you selected another partner for yourself. In such a case he will avoid to be in any further touch with you. You should not have any expectations of getting him back.

Meeting new people is always fun, and it gets even more exiting when you are meeting someone special. Above-mentioned tips are clearly best tips to date multiple boys at same time, and will surely help you to find the best partner for you.

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  1. I agree that you should be honest that you are dating or may date more than one person at the same time. It is often, for either boys or girls to wonder or just assume that they are the only one that you are dating because many people do date only one person at a time.
    Feelings may be hurt a little when you first tell them but it is better to be honest from the start. That way they can decide if they are comfortable still going-out with you or they can date other people just as you are. Be fair and don’t expect them to only date you if you are seeing more than just them.
    You are probably better off not going to places that you know they hang-out at if you are with a different person. Even if they know you are dating others it is usually best to keep them apart from each other.
    Also, don’t date the persons relatives, friends, coworkers or associates, this almost always causes problems and can even backfire on you.

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