How to Convince Parents for Intercaste Marriage

tricks and tips to convince family for intercaste marriage

In Indian culture more than the bride and groom marriage is a cause of concern for both the families too. It is very important to convince your family if you are planning to marry the girl/boy of your choice. Most of the times, parents do not agree for intercaste or love marriages and it is a very tough task for couples to convince their parents for love marriage. It gets very difficult and chronic that how to convince your parents for intercaste marriage? Sometimes parents and families do not even agree after making too many efforts, and you are forced to break your relation with your partner. We really need to know that how to convince your parents for intercaste marriage and how to convince family members for intercaste marriage? Let’s have a look at some of the best tips to handle intercaste relationships and best strategies to convince parents for intercaste marriage.

Find the correct moment to talk

This is a very important factor. You must find the correct time when parents are not in any sort of tension or irritation. Only with a calm mindset they would be able to understand your points. In tensed situation they might not even listen to you completely and burst out on you. Finding the correct moment to speak lies, falls under one of the top strategies to convince parents for intercaste marriage.

Try to explain why you love your partner

At times the only cause of concern for your parents under intercaste marriages is just that, the partner from a different caste won’t be sufficiently good for you. If you try to explain why your boyfriend/girlfriend is perfect for you than major problem is already solved. You can tell them the reason why you fell for your partner, their qualities and achievements also you can explain how they supported you in various circumstances etc.

Give examples

Giving examples from your family, friends and community of some successful intercaste marital relationships to your parents would be very influential, impactful and is considered among one of the best ways to convince parents for intercaste marriages.

Ask them to meet your partner

After explaining required things about your relationship with your partner to your parents you can also request your parents to once meet your partner in personal. That will make your parents feel important and influential in your life. Also tell them not to be biased bus avoid giving any sort of instructions.

Do not plead

You must not beg or plead your parents. Don’t show any sort of desperate behavior.  Also never pressurize your parents that if they wont agree you will move out with your partner. This all will frustrate them and would make them more rigid. This will also leave a certain bad impression of your partner, which you never really want.

There were some best tips to convince parents for intercaste marriage. Always remember that it will be very hard for you to make a choice between your parents and your partner. Even if you do make a choice, you won’t be satisfied with that. Just follow these best steps to convince parents for intercaste marriage. You will surely manage to convince your parents through this mantra.


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