How to Compliment a Girl You Love

How to Compliment a Girl You LoveThere comes a period in everybody’s life when they fall in love with someone. Many of you guys out there might be in love with a girl and curious to speak some good words to her. There is probably no better way than flattery to compliment a girl you love.

Well, you will find some extremely special tips on how to compliment a girl you love. However, understanding how to compliment a girl you love is quiet crucial if you wish to make an everlasting impression. A sweet, sincere and genuine thought or feeling can work as a best compliment for a girl you love. Well, every one of you might be desperate to find ways on how to compliment a girl and make her blush. In order to make your girlfriend feel special you might be doubtful as what’s the best compliment a guy can give to a girl. You can either tell her or text her some really cute things. Here are 5 really cute things to say to your girlfriend and melt her heart so that you get that extra edge over other men. These may be something like this:

  • You add meaning to my life.
  • I can’t imagine my life without you.
  • How could you look so gorgeous and lively all the time?
  • I really feel lucky to have you in my life.
  • You’re the reason of my life.

Nitty Gritty of Complimenting a Girl

complementing is an art in itself. If not laid out with sincerity and thoughtfulness, it may ruin your mood and your date. It is very important to be sincere while you are in your girls company. Don’t just utter a line or sentence you have read somewhere or your pal has just text-ed you.

Although there are many compliments that can work as best compliment for a girl you love. Still there are 5 compliments you must give her. Try to Compliment her while looking in her eyes. This will make her more flattered and appreciate your compliment in real sense.

  • Talk about her strength and character.
  • Appreciate her the way she is. For example use lines such as ” I love your the way you are.
  • “I want my daughter to turn out like you.
  • Your company makes me become a better person.
  • You are beautiful both from outside and inside.

Be sincere and this will help you occupy a space in your lover’s heart

There is perhaps no other way to impress a girl you love with compliments to give. Genuine compliments if delivered in the right manner can actually help you get a space in your ladies heart. Tell her that you really care for her. Speak about her looks and her persona. Try to use word like beautiful and gorgeous as they are more heartfelt than hot or fit. Make sure not to over compliment her as this may give her so wrong signal.

You can make your date special by speaking a few nice words frequently. This can work in your favor as your girlfriend will get time to understand you and fall for you.
Compliments such as,
Every time we’re alone, you remind me of how fun it is to just do nothing together.”
““I wish I’d met you sooner” may be some nice compliments to say to a girl and impress her.

However, be cautious before speaking with your girl. Here are some common compliments that should not be spoken with the girl you are dating with. 4 compliments you should never throw a girl’s way may be

You look like you’ve lost a TON of weight.” That makes her feel that she was a bit chubby before.
Making comparisons with other women, that is sure to drive her crazy.
Why do you keep on putting on makeup every time? You look the same without it too.
Do not talk about her past more often. If conversation starts, try to switch to some more interesting topics.