How To Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type

Saree is the most stunning and ever-evolving traditional Indian dress that never fails to describe your beauty better than any other clothes but before wearing a Saree perfectly, you must know how to choose the perfect blouse for your body type, to look gorgeous and glamorous and when we come to the fashion perspective, so Saree is incomplete without the trendy blouses. It’s important to know your best look with the complete guide to choose a perfect blouse for your body type to give yourself an amazing look. Comfort-ability is one of the key factors of any design, it removes your concern from the dress and lets you enjoy everything.

What type of Blouses suits Your Body Type

Although there are several designs available, but how to choose the perfect blouse for your body type is important question and can play a vital role in a woman’s look. Here are the tips to choose the right blouse for your body type, according to the different figures selection of best Saree blouses for your body type boost up your personality. A perfect combination of blouse with right body shape can make a simple Saree to look beautiful and attractive. Wearing a perfect match to your body shape is a plus to enhance your beauty.

How to find Flattering Blouses for Your Figure

It’s perfect if a woman is blessed with great assets, but best Saree blouses for your body type needs to be chosen. A plain blouse or a designed but unmatched to body shape downs your charm and shows your less concern about your look. Body shape can make you look perfect by the correct wearing style with choose colors and prints. Rectangle shaped, pear shaped body are a few of the most common body shape all you need is to know your shape and a good dressing sense to make your shape look charming. If your height is short, then you have to follow a particular dressing tips to wear a perfect saree-blouse combination. It helps to look slim and tall.


Tips to Choose the Right Blouse for Your Body Type

  • A small busted figure should use padded, deep necked high necked and collar necked blouses with preferable heavier worked fabrics like silk, velvet, brocade etc. slim athletic figure is blessed to choose any design halter necks to the long sleeved blouses, corset style, noodle straps etc.
  • A slim trim height-ed figure is the model body shape to choose any wearing style with any design, fortunately they don’t need to worry about the designs, fabric, colors and patterns to select.
  • If you are fat then you choose the perfect plus size clothing matching your blouse.Saree Blouse for Body Type, Tips, How to Choose

Broad Shouldered Figure

Wear short sleeves and broader necklines to smartly conceal your wide and bulky body look, Use light weighted fabric, avoid wearing heavy fabric, collar neck, noodle straps. If you are gifted with such a body shape you can use sexy toned arms and bare your back to look sexiest and fabulous. Voluptuous figure, if you are awarded with this body shape you should wear full or quartered sleeved blouse designs, can bare your sexy and attractive back, avoid wearing heavy fabric, halter neck, collar neck, etc. your body is already enough attractive you only need to tone your look by wearing most appropriate soft material blouse with free hand Saree pattern.

Final Say

This is the complete guide to choose a perfect blouse for your body type. You can add some knowledge to increase your wearing and designing the blouses according to your body match. It’s your awareness to know what type of blouses suits your body type to look glamorous and gorgeous. Get a designer and know how to find flattering blouses for your figure to make your beauty stunning and outstanding. Choose blouses designs according to your body structure and compliment yourself with the best look. You can use different draping style to look slim, sexy and marvelous.