How to choose Eye Shadow Color Combinations

Eyes are the most mesmerizing part of a person’s enticing face. The sparkle and stare of eyes can either win a situation or simple doom the ambience.. A wide range of eye embellishing products are available in the market but the trick lies in how to choose eye shadow color combinations that will leave you with amazing charming eyes. Eye shadows are the blazing products that give your eyes a ravishing look and extremely alluring appearance with its robust and radiant shades.

How to choose Eye Shadow Color Combinations

Important factors helping you choose the best

Eye shadows have a wide range and there are different combinations displayed in markets. Eye shadow color combinations tips accentuate your beauty and leave a spellbinding ambience with a simple blink. Applying the right eyeshadow combination and givinng it trendy looks lyk smokey or shimmery eyes is desirable and it is accomplished only when you follow the best eye shadow tips and tricks

  • You must understand how well the eye shadows match with your appearance which includes skin tone, hair color and eye color.
  • Choose the color that compliments your entire get up and makes a perfect dressing for your enthralling persona. How to choose eye shadow color based on eye color is a difficult job and requires a sense of vogue.

Eye Shadow for Skin Tone

The skin tone helps you make the right pick. Skin tone is generally categorized as cool and warm skin tone. Consider the following best tips to choose the right eye shadow color for your skin tone. Warmer skin tones bear golden or yellowish tone that allows bright eye shadows like pink, blue and dark colors appear astounding. For such cool skin tone go for combinations of either gray, silver, teal, turquoise and dark green colors. Color amalgamation of Bronze, Taupe, Soft Green, light Brown and ivory are suitable for people with warm skin tones.

Hair Color to Synchronize with Eye Shadow

Hair color is also responsible for helping you choose the right combination of eye shadows. For black and brown hair choose dark shades of eye shadows like black, purple, brown or even neutrals like beige, yellow, green, gold etc. A combination of these shades will give you a perfect gorgeous look and ease your worry for how to apply multiple eye shadow colors. Blondes generally have a light skin tone and hence shades of pink, black, green and blue are advised.

Eye Color to Accentuate Eye Shadow

You shall be pretty awed with the fact eye color helps you to match eye shadows. There are wide number of examples that epitomize enticing eye shadows complimenting your eye color. Eye shadow color combinations for hazel eyes are a pretty dogmatic doubt in many minds. Colors like olive, khaki, yellow, dark brown suit hazel eye colors. The best eye shadow colors for dark brown eyes and olive skin are also a commonly asked question. Combination shades like charcoal, slate grey, amber, violet, lavender suit marvelously for dark brown eyes. Colors like preach, wine, purple, coral and gray suffice for how to choose eye shadow color for black eyes. Apply the combinations of these eye shadows on your outer corner or crease.

Multiple Eye Shadow Combination

The mono eye shadow looks amazing on eyes but the multiple shades give an envious display. How to apply multiple shades of eye shadow might bother you but you can always refer to the above mentioned shades and their combinations to suit your skin, hair and eye color. Apart from these outfits and accessories also make a gentle push to your selection. Some of the best ways to choose the right eye shadow for your outfit is to categorize your outfit according to your skin tone. If you have a bright outfit like blue, black or red and orange go for pink, yellow and other light shades. Also if you have light colored clothes strike a deal with combinations of purple and coral or gray and wine.