How to Cheat on Girlfriend without Getting Caught

Cheat on Girlfriend without her Knowing

Have you tried hard to tame yourself and avoid pondering about the alluring girl other than your girlfriend? You might have become a victim of such an involuntary emotion and can’t help but get enticed by another gorgeous girl. Though it is ethically wrong but all your efforts to control yourself has turned in vein. If you still wish to pursue on satiating your perverse needs and greeds follow these tips that will teach you on how to cheat on girlfriend without getting caught. These are 5 easy steps to cheat on your girlfriend and maintain another relation without her knowledge. These salient tips to cheat on your girlfriend might lead you to a ravishing relation but the guilt in conscience remains unhealed. Follow these easy advice and satiate your greeds.

Get Some Space

Get out of your regular pattern of speaking for hours on phone. Get some space in your relationship and don’t let your girlfriend cling on you all the time. If you are determined about cheating your girlfriend then it means giving less time to her and spending more time with your new girl. This is truly one of the best ways to cheat on your girlfriend. Avoid frequent calls and texts before your girlfriend and keep the spice of fishy stuffs alive.

Don’t Give her Access to Your Personal Phone

Majority of guys get caught by their girlfriends when they leave their phone laying around. Delete the text messages and flush the call log list. Don’t let your girlfriend to sift through your call history but keeping it safe in your pocket.

Don’t Mess with Your Regular Routine

After a peaceful creep you might be encircled with a guilty conscience. You may feel the urge to show bountiful affection on your girlfriend loading her with lavish gifts. Be Careful! Girls can sense these over caring actions and in the course to feel your warmth and sudden affection she might know that something is being cooked up.

Some Weird Thoughts

If you are cheating on your girlfriend because you have caught her doing so then you are simply being a nincompoop. Should I cheat on my girlfriend if she cheated on me? Don’t let this dumb question baffle you. This is one of the top reasons to cheat on your girlfriend but there is no pleasure in it. Embrace her sincere apology and start a fresh new beginning.


You have to gain an expertise in lying to your girlfriend. This is a must requirement on how to cheat on your girlfriend and not get caught. Lie with confidence such that she never discovers the bitter truth hidden it.

These are effective tips that will help you cheat on your girlfriend without her knowledge. It provides a complete guide to cheat on your girlfriend. There might be many unusual cases when you are attracted to your girlfriend’s sister and wander should i cheat on my girlfriend with her sister. However betraying your girlfriend is always wrong but if it’s beyond your control take to these advises and seek pleasure in it.

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  1. I really appreciate the free advice I get here . I recently cheated on my boyfriend and didn’t know how to tell him(or if I should even tell him!). They really helped me through that hard time and can do the same for you.

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