How to celebrate Veterans Day, History, Celebration Ideas

Veterans Day Cards, Images, PostersVeterans Day is known as official holiday in United States. On this day, all American people serves honor for those who went for the war and never came back. Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th November. Usually known as the anniversary of world war 1st. Many people don’t know why Veterans Day celebrated? So it is celebrated to give respect and honor to the army officers who went for world war for their country. In US, a memorial day is also celebrated. And some people got confused that if there is Memorial Day, why Veterans Day celebrated? So the answer is, Veterans Day is celebrated for army officers, when on other hand, Memorial Day is celebrated for all the normal people who served. On this day, parents and teachers tell children about the history of Veterans Day. Or you can say America’s history.

Veterans Day Celebration Ideas

Now the question is how to celebrate Veterans Day or celebration ideas of Veterans Day. So, you can celebrate Veterans Day in many ways. You can attend veterans program, or you can go to Veterans Day parade. You can participate in the moment of silence, or you can pray for the brave army officers from anywhere just to give them honor. How to celebrate Veterans Day is not a big deal, but the main part is that you are celebrating it with whole heart or not. There are many celebration ideas of Veterans Day. As you can go to veteran’s hospital too with your family members. You can take part in flag raising ceremony too.

Veterans Day Gifts

There are some local veteran’s organizations in United States of America, you can celebrate Veterans Day with wife by going there too. It is the best way to celebrate this day. Firstly when people did not know more about this, they thought to buy Veterans Day gifts for girlfriend. On Veterans Day you can go to parade with you girlfriend as well and if she don’t know regarding this all this can be the best Veterans Day gifts for girlfriend.

History of Veterans Day

Here are many people who do not know the history of Veterans Day. So here is the history in brief. In starting, united state congress decided to celebrate a day on 11th November since 1938. But it was firstly known as Armistice Day. As it was for army officers only. In 1945, Alabama gives this idea to celebrate Veterans Day for all veterans, not just for who dies. In 1954, congress changed its name from artistic to veterans. Nation veteran’s day award also created in this year. History of Veterans Day is not much but it’s completely for army officers. Usually all residents of America celebrate this day. Originally schedule of Veterans Day started in 1971. At first, it was decided to celebrate Veterans Day on the fourth Monday of October. But later, it was moved back to 11th November. You can check Veterans Day holiday in calendar. This is the day, all people remember army officer’s work that how they gave their lives for their country.