How to apply Mascara as Eyeliner Perfectly

Our eyes epitomize mesmerizing beauty that charms everyone at the very first sight. We all are blessed with gorgeous eyes which unwraps many tales and awes everyone with its blink and stares. A pinch of mascara and eyeliner can make a perfect combination that gives you highly enticing eyes. The icing on the cake lies when you are acquainted with the best tips to use mascara. Mascara can also be used an eyeliner that gives your eyes a wonderful shape. The proper application of the mascara tip as an eyeliner makes your eyes look even more twinkling and graceful. It enhances the eye makeup in an elegant way.

Applying mascara as eyeliner needs a little practice and you need to know the tips and tricks on how to apply mascara as eyeliner perfectly. You have to get acquainted with the proper usage of mascara and hence apply it smoothly and seamlessly. Mascara is a gel-based makeup that needs to be applied very thinly above your eyelids. Apply mascara without getting it on eyelids so that it doesn’t get smudged. It is not an easy task to draw a line using mascara. So it is important to try it a few times before you actually get decked up for the big occasion. Nowadays, college girls trying to impress their guys by applying mascara on their eyes and go on a date with her.

When mascara is used as eyeliner it makes your eyes look bigger which is generally craved by most women. Hence you must know how to apply mascara to make eyes look bigger and make it appear more appealing. Initially try placing some dots with the tip of mascara and then smudge it to make a continuous line. This can fairly help you to begin with the notion of how to apply mascara to look like eyeliner. Make a note that the line drawn with mascara can get too bold or obvious. For graceful looks light lines are preferred and hence hold on some patience and draw line thin and smooth.

How to apply Mascara as Eyeliner Perfectly

Mascara brightens your eyes and gives it a bigger shape. The tip of the mascara can thus serve the dual purpose of a mascara and eye liner. But you must know the difference between mascara and eyeliner to make the proper application of it. The tip of mascara should be used gently so that it doesn’t hurt your eyes and you must not mix it too deep in the liquid otherwise the makeup may appear too loud. A liquid eye liner also looks great on eyes but when mascara makes a multiple purpose pick you should be able to have a clear mind on what goes first mascara or liquid eyeliner. The dual purpose mascara gives you dark and extremely dramatic eyes when used as eyeliner.

Skin plays a major role in getting accustomed to different skin products. If you have a sensitive skin you must be cautious about the brand you choose. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and hence you must be sure of what is the best brand of mascara to buy. Makeup stores are adorned with different mascara and other beauty products but you must ponder on what is the best mascara to use for sensitive eyes. Go to the reputed dealers who can help you with the selection or consult a renowned makeup artist prior your purchase. If you are bothered by the doubt can you wear eyeliner and mascara without eye shadow then be rest assured that they make a good look together. You can wear light mascara and also draw your eye with it using it as eyeliner. Use the eye shadow after it dries up make a perfect picture.