How can You work to convert a Girl’s No into Yes

Why Girl's not ready to say YesA man loves a girl by her talent, intellect, beauty and many other aspects. Well, he is caught up in trouble if that girl does not love him back. There are many queries fired on Google and many websites on How can you work to convert a Girl’s No into Yes? Well, if you think that you have found the right girl and do not want to lose her, there are certain Things to remember while making your girls no into yes. The first thing you should do is to find why girls not ready to say yes and remember the following Tips to make girls no into yes.

How to Convince a Girl

Convincing a girl is as difficult as waiting for a bus at the railway station. Well, although it sounds difficult, but it is not impossible because you must have that confidence within you, which will in turn prove that you have the power to handle yourself and your girl in any worst situation. This will indeed impress the girl and may lead to the changing of her no into yes for you. Therefore, if you want to have that girl for whom you are badly craving, then here are 5 ways to hear yes from your girl and Convince your girl to say yes.

Be Responsible

Show the girl that you are responsible by taking the first, your own responsibility. This will build a confidence within her that if you are able to take responsibility of yourself, then you will surely take her responsibility.

Be matured

Act matured when she talks or speaks anything. Do not try to convince your point repeatedly without trying to listen to her. Be matured enough to understand her. This will let her know that you will understand her in any situation and the way she is.

Quick Wit

Girls love witty people and intellectually strong people. You do not need to be a topper at your university to impress a girl. All you need to possess the wit. Be witty but not sarcastic.


A girl always wants a decent man. By decent, she does not mean just decent clothing, but a decent behavior and thinking. Be decent in your proposal, your actions, and whatever things you want to do to impress her.


Last but not the least, impress a girl by your humour, as nothing in the world is better than watching your girl smile and realizing that you are the reason for her smile. Crack a joke which is witty and which still represents your emotions for the girl.

Tips to make Girl’s No into Yes

These are certain Tips to make girls no into yes and an answer to the question- How can you work to convert a Girl’s No into Yes? Therefore, you must first know the likes and dislikes of the girl you want. Therefore, when the next time this question- How can you work to convert a Girl’s No into Yes? Strikes your mind, all you need to do is read this piece of work and act accordingly to convince the girl you’ve been craving for and you’ve been wanting since a long time. Finally, never give up because a girl always wants to test the one whom she wants as a partner. Therefore, never give up, keep trying, but remembering, do not be cheesy. If your love is strong, the cupid gift you all!