How a Married Man Starts an Affair

The Impulsive Hey, Hello or Hi

The girl gets swept off her feet by his charm, nonchalance, wit, knowledge or any other quality he may possess. There may be no way for her to know in the beginning that he is married; that’s how a married man starts an affair; he has made the girl’s heart flutter. It may even be that she knows that he is married and still reciprocates. At first it is most probably just a case of running into each other in an office meeting, or in a library or any public place where the guy is not accompanied by his wife.

In today’s world of social and chat sites, it is quite possible for a man and a girl to run into each either intentionally or unintentionally on the internet. This may start off with the married man flirting online in a mild way with an unknown girl, whose profile picture may even not be her own. This happens when the man is looking for a distraction, while in office and it seems quite harmless to him to pass a few flirty remarks, which impresses the girl. One of the main reasons is joint family as in India, it is quite a difficult task to make romance with her wife in a joint family. However, this sort of friendship can lead to sharing personal life stories etc, which increase the bonding between the two and to a more intense relationship. Many regular guys with a decent family often wonder how does a married man flirt and if they themselves will ever be able to do it. It’s also a conundrum for them as to how man can hide his relationship from his wife for months or years as long as the affair is on.

Philandering or a Mental Connect

It maybe that the guy who has a decent family is a regular philanderer, always watching out for good looking girls with the idea of having short affairs or flings, which is another way of how a married man starts an affair; to feed his lust or his ego which wants him to be a ‘lady killer’. Many a time it is also a mental connect. The married guy sees in his new girl, many qualities which his wife does not have. It may also be that she is a nag or loves ‘bossing’ over him. The guy starts requesting the girl to perhaps a simple date for a drink after office hours, then over a period of time he tells her about his own miserable marriage and incidents in his life which have upset him. These are the sort of things which the girl should sense when and if she wonders how does married man flirt; she should then be able to understand that the guy has set a snare, in case she does not want to be in an affair with guy.

Married Man Affairs, Extra Marital Affairs, Husband Cheats

Many a time it may be a situation of a married man flirting with a married woman, one of the main reasons being that the ‘passion’ has gone out of the life of both for some reason or the other. Let alone the idea of both being married; how does the married man cheat on his wife, without being caught. The guy usually comes up with excuses of work overload in office, requiring him to be out of home for extra hours, complaining of car breakdowns or friends or colleagues egging him to join up for unplanned parties which can’t be avoided. In a cheating affair, how a married man can balance his affair is also an interesting aspect. A foolproof way is that he sacrifices some of the time which he normally spends for his own self like watching a favorite sitcom or a ball game or playing tennis and such like, to spend it with his wife and family. He can take more interest in what his wife or children are doing and be seen to be more involved with them in as many ways as possible. There has to be a sacrifice on his part to gain something which he can’t otherwise have.

The Signs of an extra-marital affair and the end game

The girl can sense by the body language, intentional comments draw laughter from her, more so if the humor has tinges of sex talk in it, comparisons he makes of her to his wife and if he starts sharing personal information with her. So this is an article encompassing how a married man starts an affair, how does a married man flirt and how man can hide his relationship with his wife. But wives by and large come to know of these affairs, they either separate from their husbands or they love their husbands so much that they crush the affair.