Hottest Facts and Figures About New Year

Inviting you to our world of bountiful facts and figures about the New Year Eve. Ever thought about celebrations of New Year in Belgium, if yes then u got the right destination, ever fantasised about Italian pronunciation of New Year, if yes then you can check that out here. History of New Year unrevealed here amongst you all. We will share everything with you.

New Year’s Resolutions history unrevealed

The New Year resolution custom started in 153 B.C. At the top of the calendar there was an early roman mythical king named JANUS.

New Year Facts

Janus became an epitome from which people expected forgiveness from their enemies and a memento of resolutions and exchanged gifts at the starting of the year, it’s the doubled faced feature of Janus that it recall the past as well as the future.

History Behind New Year Celebrations

New Year does not always mean 1stJanuary, it actually means completion of the 365 days cycle, and it depends and varies from place to place. It is considered to be on 1st January when the solar calendar cultures Julius Ceaser adopted a calendar that reflected the seasons more accurately than any other previous calendar, in 46 B.C. the 1st January was started

As considered the god of starting and who act as a protective agent like doors and entrances the first month of the calendar was named after Janus. He was a symbol of two faces, front and back. Thus reflecting his character was watching the past and the future too. Once the Romans visualised Janus looking at the past and future at a single time at midnight of December 31, they assumed that, he was looking at the time passed and the starting of the new era.

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Thus they started giving gifts to each other as a symbol of celebrating New Year. his pictures depicted him with two faces one at the back and other in the front they started exchanging sacred branches of trees that were for good fortune. Later coins imprinted with the picture of god Janus.

When Christians got the privilege of god between them, then they considered the birthday of their god Jesus Christ as the New Year day i.e. 25thDecember, later it was changed to march 25, annunciation holiday. After many years in 16thcentury, Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian calendar and Jan 1 declared New Year again.

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Some cultures are having lunar calendars but the Julian and Gregorian calendars are solar calendars. When months are based on the phases of moon then the days of lunar calendar are less than 365 days. Chinese use lunar calendars and as  their new year begins at the time of the first full moon after the sun enters Aquarius sometime between January 19 and February 21.

Occasion of celebration and customs is the best for good luck in the forthcoming year, the day of New Year may vary from culture to culture.

Ancient New Years

About 400 years ago in ancient Babylon , the celebration of new year is the oldest .The Babylonians had no written calendar but they used to celebrate their beginning of the year on march 23 ., observed in 4000 years ago.

In late part of March the spring begins and it is the time for the crops to be planted. It is logical to celebrate on March end. On the other hand, January 1 has no agricultural or astronomical significance.

In comparison to the modern festivities the older 11 days of the babylion New Year celebration was more particular and creative.

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Various emperors came and went away. They continuously tampered the calendar and soon it was come out with the integration of the sun. January 1, was declared to be the New Year in early 153 B.C. by the roman senators. It was changed from March 25 to again January 1 .Interference in the calendar at the time of Julius in 46 BC. continued and therefore it was known as Julian calendar in order to sync it with the movement of sun Julius had to drag the year to 445 days more, it was declared as Jan 1 as the new year.

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