Health Benefits of Drinking Beer: Is Drinking Beer Healthy

why to drink beer regularlyDrinking wine or Beer in moderation can help reduce the chances of causing heart disease or suffering from any stroke. The benefits of drinking beer have been documented for centuries. The major components of beer are grains like barley and wheat, which has lots of vitamins that are made from the process of fermentation and filtering. The process how beer is made makes it more beneficial for health. It also consists of yeast, which has lots of vitamins which justifies health benefits of drinking beer. Moreover But there is lesser alcoholic content in beer compared to other beverages. 

Researchers have stated that instead of drinking more beer, if you take moderate amount of the beverage can help reduce the risk of developing coronary disease. Many people have doubts how beer is helpful for us and does beer causes intoxication, is beer beneficial for health or not? To answer these questions, below are the benefits of drinking moderate beer.

Benefits of various Diseases

A lot of experts say that antioxidants from beer are great for overall health. They have been touted by many as helping to prevent a various types of diseases, including cancer and even Alzheimer’s. Antioxidants are also credited in helping to reduce the risk of developing several age-related diseases. Beer has about the same amount of polyphenols, a form of antioxidant, as red wine which even increases the benefits of drinking beer.

Improves Bones and Muscles

Beer also has higher levels of silicon, which is even beneficial with improving bone health. Older men and women who participated in a recent study by drinking two a day had a greater amount of bone density. Drinking more than that every day, however, has been linked to an increased risk of bone fractures.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Beer has also been shown to raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL) which helps in fighting bad cholesterol (LDL), one of the main reasons of coronary heart disease.

Reduces cancer tumor growth

Beer contains the powerful antioxidant xanthohumol which is good for reducing cancers growth. This antioxidant has been linked in preventing cancer tumor growth. Darker beers are better than lighter ones as they have higher concentrations of this antioxidant due to more hops used in the brewing.

Other benefits of drinking beer

Other benefits of drinking beer include reducing the risk of hypertension, fighting insomnia, protecting from radiation damage and providing essential nutrients. It should be emphasized that the benefits of drinking beer can only be attained with moderate drinking. This means on the average of one beer a day for women and two for men.

Final Words

So what exactly are the benefits of drinking beer? The most obvious benefit which you can think of and comes in our mind is the fact that beer is mostly made up of water. This means that drinking it in moderation will keep your body hydrated. It has even been suggested that it is more efficient at keeping the body well hydrated than pure water.