Friendship with introverts: The Good and Bad

How to make introvert a friendFriendship always means sharing. It includes talking about every little and tiny tings we think about. But can you imagine making good friendship with someone who loves to be alone most of the times – the introverts! Yes, you can still have a good friendship when dealing with introverts.  They might avoid a big group of friends but still they can maintain a good one to one friendship. If you know how to be friends with introvert, then the rest is cool. If you keep thinking of how can introvert be our friend? It would take a lot from you about the things to know about introverts.

Tips to do friendship with introvert

These are the tips to make introvert as a friend

  • The first of the tips to make introvert as a friend is to be patient and understand them
  • Experience the care and love they share with and reciprocate well and help them out to come out of the shell and see how to deal with introverts

Dealing with introverts

A great One to one friendship

Introverts love one to one friendship. You would be able to see the real love and care in introverts. Introverts generally avoid group friendship and having fun with a large group. So, there is both an advantage and disadvantage with it. But one to one is the pattern of friendship that needs to be had and these are the ways to make introverts our friend.  Though you can have a personalized relationship, it is confined to a particular set of people.

Introverts are really not pushy

Introverts do not have the habit of being pushy all the time. They would always be an individual and express individuality and expects the same from their friends. You might probably wonder ways to make introverts our friend. But just have faith, it is the best way to become independent and behave adult like.

They just stay focused

They don’t frequently get diverted with things and try to get focused in things. This is one of the good things to know about introverts. Hence, at the end of the day, you will also start to get focused being with an introvert. But this attitude in some instances of friendship can get transformed as being selfish.

Think before you speak is the motto

They always think before they speak anything. This is good again in one way. But in typical friendship issues, this might not be apt as it shall break norms of friendship being not frank and plain. Then you could wonder how to be friends with introvert?

Talk less and listen more

Introverts generally talk a bit less and listen a lot. Then how to deal with introverts? They generally allow people to talk. It is a very good thing that they allow you to talk and express whatever you want.

No small silly talks

Introverts hate gossiping and small talks. They think big and talk almost close to spirituality and science. The best ways to deal with introverts is to get along with them.

So, Dealing with introverts would be an awesome experience for an extrovert. Of course there would be few hitches but ultimately you can experience a life with values.