Friendship Turning to Love: How to know

Friendship Turning to LoveFriendship is one of the purest form of relation any one can have, it is often said that those who have real good friends have an extended family. So this implies friends can be treated as family and they are the ones who are with you through all the seasons of your life sharing your happiness and sadness. However at times, in this friendship sometimes love knocks the door, it may happen unexpectedly but it can happen. Hence one gets curious to know the signs of friendship turning to relationship or enquires as to how to know friendship has turned into love, then all one has to do is, keep a close look at the simple signs of friendship turning to love and he may get to know the truth of the relationship.

Ways to know How Friendship turning to Love

How to know that friendship is turning into love, to answer this question we have listed below some signs of friendship turning into love which lets you know the fact:

Body Language

These sign speaks more than words, and you get to know what is running in other person’s mind. A person in love with you may try to make physical contact with you in various ways say he/she may lean towards you while talking or may look for reasons for holding your hands, and this is one of the biggest signs of friendship turning to love. Some other facts also portray this change in feelings like your friend may gaze at you all the time with wide open eyes, or may laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny just to make you feel good and this is when you get signs of friendship turning into relation.

Biological Imbalance

This term can be used in a humorous way, just to say that the person have that giddy feeling whenever his friend is in front of him, or may even suffer from loss of appetite and sleepless nights just thinking about the friend who is now turning into your lover. Even you tend you feel butterflies in your stomach when he is around or while waiting for him,  and these are some of the signs to know friendship is turning to love are saying quite loud that you are falling in love with your friend.

Mutual Feelings

Nothing can be more perfect than having a mutual feeling, when both the friends are feeling the same way, getting eager to meet each other, finding reasons to spend time together or any other thing but all this is taking place mutually then I must say that you are blessed. And when such things happen around when both of you are behaving in the similar way and are getting tilted towards each other then it is for sure that it is love which is developing between the friends, one of the signs to know friendship is turning to love.

Single friends

Often friendships turns into love, when any of your friends looses there love and they need a shoulder to cry on and a support which they almost look for it in friends. Hence this is the time when this support can change into love, they tend to get dependent while supporting each other in this tough time and this is when true love comes in, and trust me friends who fall in love is the best relationship one can have as friends are the ones who knows you in and out, and when they become your lovers life becomes all the more easy and fun to have your friend as your partner.

Hence above listed were some of the facts to know how friendship had turned into love. Hope you enjoyed reading them.