First Text to a girl: Here is How Not to Screw Up

best text message for a girlSending text messages to a girl you just met makes a difference in the results you seek. Girls are whimsical and their response for the most time can be unpredictable. If you are attracted to a girl, you should tread warily when sending her messages. First text to a girl can make all the difference to your success or failure. Plan your move and think before you shoot off some text messages in haste or you will spend time repenting at leisure!

How to retain a girl’s interest

At the party, you would have noticed many guys interested in the same girl. They were all flocking around her and you managed to get her number when she was giving it to someone else. You did make eye contact with her when she was introduced to you and she reacted to something you said so she may not forget you in a hurry. How do you know unless you follow this up with a text message? You can send first text message to a girl that reads “Happy to meet someone who’s on the same wavelength!”

First text to a girl

You should have some idea of the type of girl you are going to send messages to as it will help to plan the right one. If you know she loves to have fun you could send her a provocative message.

For instance you can text:

“Am not sure whose number this is but I’m guessing it’s the one I want”. 

How about:

“Your arguments yesterday made me think! How about continuing this Thursday?”

Make sure there is a little personality to your first text messages. They should evoke responses without sounding pushy. Some girls may reply as a matter of routine but may quickly lose interest. Send messages where she has no choice but to reply to you.

The best approach is a straightforward one

Don’t send lengthy forwards or silly jokes. Send short crisp texts and wait awhile after she replies. If you have met her only briefly let her connect you by mentioning the context when you both laughed or discussed some serious point.

She should read your message with interest so make it informative and to the point even if you are just sending her a greeting. Don’t forget to use her name when you text her. She feels more assured that you are not just flirting with her and this will sound more personal.

She will feel special when you say something like,

“Hey Melanie, how’s the week looking? Still taste that delicious amazing chocolate brownie from last night!”

Messages should sound fun, upbeat to tempt to provoke a response

Do not wait too long to send the first text message to a girl. Thereafter, make sure there is a sufficient interval before you text or send a reply. One of the worst things to do is to tell her all about yourself. Wait to do this in person but even then make sure to let her know only what is pertinent. Make sure to follow this up with a phone call when you see that things are going smoothly.

Some guys get hooked on to sending text messages to a girl and miss the boat. Know when to ask her out on a date and continue to be fun when you meet her. Women like men who are interesting and courteous. Let her do the talking and listen attentively. When you return send her a message telling her you enjoyed the meeting and look forward to meeting her soon again.

Text messages can be fun when you know how and when to send messages to a girl. Enjoy using your phone to set up dates and have a great time.